What a ride!

March 29, 2011 by sammyhagar
What a ride!
Sammy at Petaluma Book Signing
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I thought my right hand was going to fall off. I signed that many books in the last two weeks. Literally thousands and thousands. Some of you were there in NYC, St Louis, LA... I love my Redheads. So great that so many of you came out to get the book signed. Not so great that so many eBay sellers were so rude and pushy and made it so hard for the real fans who were respecting each other and following the rules. Everywhere at all the bookstores there were awkward incidents that were so embarrassing to me. If you are someone who had a bad experience I am truly sorry. The scene was just out of control. These bookstores had never seen anything like this before.

To those of you who came out to get your books signed or bought a book - THANK YOU! You helped us get number one on the New York Times best sellers list. Unbelievable.

Also, so many of you told me you heard the Howard Stern interview. What a trip he is. Doing the TV shows was fun and there could be some more coming up soon. Stay tuned. Let me tell you more when my right hand works again.


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What a ride!
Got Sammy? - Petaluma Book Signing
What a ride!
Petaluma Book Signing

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I waited in line since 5a.m and not even a handshake....Nuff said.

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I took the easy way and bought the audio book. I drive for a living and this is the first audio book I've listened to. It's opened up a whole new world for me.
Great book man! Thanks for sharing your story and keep on rocking.

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Hey, what gives Sammy?! I was at the book signing in Petaluma back on March 26th (had a great time and met some way cool folks), then a few days later I was contacted and informed my photo was chosen for one of the prizes.
I sent my home address to info@redrocker.com (as requested) and was expecting confirmation - but NUTHIN'!
It's now the beginning of May and still no word from anybody and nothing in my mailbox...


pjbirchenough's picture

Just finished the book Sam...what a fantastic journey, it makes me respect you even more. I love the positive attitude you have on everything, I love your drive for success...both are very contagious, I found myself wanting to write songs again after years of not even trying. My sweet little blonde 3 1/2 year old boy Andrew just loves you...and it's out of nothing I've laid on him, but damn does it make me smile that he digs you....theres just something about you he loves...that was in St Louis. Thanks for everything Sam, I hope we meet again...you're a guy worth being around and congrats on another #1.

See U in Cabo!

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Here is a short story for you. I saw your article in Rolling Stone Mag.and want looking for your book. Saw it for sell at Wal-Mart 18 bucks or so went to buy it and the wife said NO don't have the extra money so i had to wait.I took some Junk to the junk yard got about 50 bucks then off to Wal-Mart i went to get your book finshed it tonight. Loved it thanks so much ....Chuck...... BTW I named my Little Girl after you she is 7.

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I couldnt wait to get Sammy's book. I just read up to where he says "and then Eddie Van Halen called" I wish I could read more but have to be up at 5:30am to get to work. day job sure is a drag but it paid for the book and Sam's book is something to look forward too.
Cheers Sammy
From your biggest fan.

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What a great read. I highly suggest getting the book, then read and then re-read it. Norman Vincent Peale was the first positive thinker for a generation with his book, "THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING." Now Sammy Hagar comes along with his inspirational book, "RED." I have read both of them and believe the messages are the same. Believe in one's self and never waiver from your belief in one's own being.

The story of the rock star's life is a palette with which to capture a person's interest and it does a great job.

Thank you, Mister Hagar for your words.



Blue Jean Juliet's picture

Please post more pics and or videos from the later signings like San Fran, Roseville etc... We had a blast at SF! We love you Sammy!

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Sammy, we were at the Giants' game last night and saw you and Joe singing the National Anthem. Very cool!!! Great job to the Giants for winning, too!!

Blue Jean Juliet's picture

My 3 daughters and I (the 4 girls all in leather and very loud group) had an absolute blast at the SF signing. No huge line and we DRANK a lot! All for the courage to speak to you. We made and saw friends ALL day into the night. Loved it! Thank you! My 3 daughters conversion to Redheads is now complete! My daughters made it so special for me! We love you! Joan

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Hey Sammy - Got my book signed in Huntington Beach and the Redheads there were great! Thanks for the handshake! Loved reading Red. It's been hard for my 83 year old Dad to understand that this guy on the front cover is really more down to earth and quite the businessman! Did miss you telling of the annual Cabo Wabo cruises. We were on the first one with Aaron and the Wabos and Ronny. What a great time! Can you imagine 800 river rats on a cruise ship? And thanks for providing the Cabo Wabo tequila since Carnival didn't carry it! Loved being led by you from the docks to the club for a private concert. One of my life's highlights is being on stage with you a couple of years ago. Can't wait to be able to do it again!

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Hey admin please get zoe and this junk off here. It has nothing to do with Sammy or anything with the true Redheads. Thank you admin!! Keep on rockin' Sammy!

larryb055's picture

Thanks Sammy for taking the time to meet us and sign our books. Read the book in 2 days. After reading the songs take on a whole new depth in meaning. (Two sides of Love, for example). Rock on Sammy and the Wabos!!

RockinRicky's picture

Really enjoying the book my fellow curly haired friend!

Don't forget about your fans in VANCOUVER CANADA on the next tour! Also thinking about taking a trip to Cabo Wabo at some point. Sun, Sand and Tequila. =P

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first book ive ever read from start to finish,what a fuckin great dude sammy is,what a ride he has had,awsome,i grew up in fontana,the steel mill was my first job,my dad worked there for years,my dad may have been one of sammys dads drinkin buddys,love ya sammy (sammys shop and cantina)

mhollister's picture

Sammy you are a rocker,

We are doing a benefit for Japan. Rock for Relief, in Portland Oregon. May 14th at the Whiskey Bar, downtown,

Love for you to stop by to support us with our local killer rock band jam.


markrory's picture

We love you Sammy! Hey, don't wear out that right hand!!!!! U need it for TAHOE in May! And we cannot wait!!!!! Sammy! Sammy!

David Mccain's picture

Thanks for signing my copy. I didn't mind the wait. It was really cool to meet other Redheads ( the three people I was in line with drove all the way from Portland, Oregon, for a book signing!!! ). I had tons of fun, Sammy!!

Thanks for being my hero. . .


davocabo's picture

I am still in disbelief at the picture I was finally able to get with Sammy at the BBG, St. Louis book signing. The book is a great read and has given a new insight as to why you are so humble.

A special note to all of you who were disappointed; after years of trying, I started going to these special events will low expectations. I was just happy to be there and see Sammy and hang with my Redhead friends. Since then I have had amazing things happen, never ask for special treatment from anyone and BAM, Karma took over! Tattoo signed at the BBG Grand Opening, 7th row tickets to the STL show last summer and now the picture! I wish all the best my fellow Redheads and Sammy!

Dave in STL

StPeteRedHead's picture

That was great that you were able to meet so many of your fans. It is too bad the E-bay sellers were causing trouble. I will not buy an autograph. The whole point is that you met the person. Yeah those e-bay autograph hounds are as low as the paparazzi. If people stopped buying, they would have to get a real job.
Love Ya Sammy!!! Hope to see you this summer.

KLRed's picture

Thank you for coming to STL! Met new Reheads in line and it was a great experience. Never thought in 25 years I would get up close -- this is what Dreams are made of. No matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone. With the restrictions placed upon you for the book tour, I think overall it was successful. Congrats on NYT #1 Best Seller! Loved the read and thanks for sharing your life, your family and your passion for music with us. Kristy

MajTom7's picture

I've seen the same thing at many Paula Deen book signings. Yet she always stayed for the scheduled time.

Redlover's picture

Awww Sam! You get some rest brother! We got Tahoe commin' up and I need to hear you play that guitar and make my heart sing again! ;)

Personally, other than the rainy cold start to the day in Roseville, I had a BLAST at the book signing! Thank you SO MUCH for speaking to me a moment and as always, being so kind and caring! I think that now the world will see what we RedHeads have known for MANY years...you are a class act with a huge heart and that's why we LOVE YOU!!! ♥

I read about many of the people who had issues and all I can say is NO, it was not YOUR fault it went like that. Rules HAD to be set to try to keep it orderly but I doubt the bookstores had any kind of clue how adamant and adoring your fan base is. We got your back baby! ☺

Can't wait for Tahoe and then more FOOT soon! WOOO!



terrysafan's picture

I hope my gift to you, the red pencil grip/finger cushion will make your fingers feel beter after allllll those book signings. Thanks for all the fun concerts,see you in Tahoe!!
Kindergarten Christian school teacher,

Michellica88's picture

Thanks Sammy for coming to Roseville... It was incredibly AWESOME! You rock... you story is really interesting, very hard to put the book down. I am SO HAPPY I got the chance to meet you (best few seconds of my life). Keep Rockin'! See ya in Tahoe :-)

5150Mike's picture

Thanks Sammy, Thanks for sharing so much with us in the book and at the book signings you are one cool cat!

bestrockergirl316's picture

Your book was a facinating read into the true story of The Red Rocker. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. It was a thrill meeting you in NJ and getting a KISS -- one that I'll never forget! Here's one of my many favorite lines from RED: "That's been the most successful thing I've done, take the business out of my music, because now, anything I do comes from the heart, baby." Hope your hand feels better soon, Sammy!!

Krakensole's picture

Sammy congratz on finding a new way to get to #1, truly awesome. I wish I could have made it to one of the signing, but alas it's tough for us Frozen Redheads up in Minnesota to get to one. Looking forward to finding a concert to see you at this year.

Keep Red,

Ron Herbert's picture

Sammy, are you coming to Atlanta....Would love to catch up rherb10575@aol.com is my email...Thanks Ron Herbert 404 557 4574

DianaRed's picture

Thank you Sammy for thinking of your fans. I just wanted to let you know that there would have been one more there for a signature book and most of all to get a quick meet and greet of the RED ROCKER. I had back surgery recently and it went wrong my back was broke during surgery.
I could not travel to see you or recieve a signed book. So sadly I did the next best thing. I preordered your book on-line. The one book store I called said they would have some signed books for sale too. I called with my hopes up and they coldly told me NO they changed their minds didn't think they would have enough books to do that. I proceeded to tell him why I wasn't one in that line. Oh well next time.
I sure hope you have another book signing maybe around the Michigan area so I may attend hopefully.
This crazy Redhead went to Chickenfoot in Detroit and then traveled all the way across country to see ya in Colorado a couple months later. "Rock On"
My how do you do it singing in that altitude. Kudo's to you.
But I hope to be able to travel again.
Again thanks for doing this for the fans.
I have rocked with you since Montrose days.Your voice is one of a kind Love it. Thanks for the hours of Rock and Roll pleasure you have given us fans. By the way no appology necessary, I think most people should understand what happens at them book signings. Thanks for letting me read your book. I loved it, my husband loved it, now my oldest son wants to read it.
Always a Redhead

motlyfan's picture


Thanks for coming to Roseville my wife and I had on the marching to Mars shirts !!! you noticed :) we got seperated and pushed a bit but you reconized and gave us both gripping Hi five's!!!!!!! See you in Tahoe as usual and let's get that Foot album out soon!!!!!!!!! We are dieing to hear Sam, Satch, Chad and Mike again!!!!!!

By the way LOVE THE BOOK!!!!

Mark and Ali

sesharona's picture

YOU were AWESOME , Sammy!!!! your fans know what's up!! you can't control everything!!!! hope you got the gift i gave you in St. Louis...they snatched it out of my hand pretty quick. THANKS for giving those of us who have NO luck (you know...winning stage tickets, etc) a chance to get up close and personal...even if it WAS for only a few seconds. You've been my favorite since the 70's. hopefully some day i'll make it on stage or to cabo! LOVE YOU, SAMMY!!!!!!!! You always rock my world!! and a HUGE thanks to kari....thanks for sharing! Love You, too!!

jeremy.haymore's picture

All i can say is , thank you sammy! it was a crazy scene , but for my son and i it was a once in a life time experience. we will never forget meeting our rock idol! thanks again from all your red heads!!!!

cal_gecko's picture

Glad I got to meet you and shake your hand .. I was one of the few lucky winners of the 98 Rock "Rock Mob" who got personally autographed books from you. You're a helluva musician, and what I appreciate is that you seem to sincerely love what you do - not necessarily for the fame and glory, but just because you like it.. your enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious. Thanks again for coming to Roseville - I hope to get the chance to meet you again and talk cars for a bit while tossing back some tequila.. perhaps at a mutual friends' house some day (in El Dorado)... rock on, Sammy!

jenniferc043's picture

Thank you for doing this book tour! It was a wonderful experience in SF for my 9 year old daughter and me. She has been to two of your shows (Novato and Raley Field - so far!) but not up close so for her to get up close to you, for you to high five her a couple times and tell her you liked her shirt,ask her how long she had it and pose for a photo meant the world to her. She has been proudly showing the photo to anyone who will look and she is writing a paper about you for school, highlighting your charity work. Getting even just a few seconds with you to say thanks with a small gift and let you know how much joy you have given me over the years and get a hug and a photo with you was beyond a dream come true. Thanks again, Sammy! You rock!

axeshredder's picture

Thanks Sammy for recognizing what some of us went through, which was a little disappointing. Congrats on the success of your book!

RIRedrocker's picture

I myself had an awesome experience! We went to the 1st book signing in Jersey. Couldn't believe you recognized so many of us during this book signing tour!! We were thrilled!! To those who had a bad experience, most of us know it had nothing to do with you, it wasn't organized very well at most places. They OBVIOUSLY were not ready for the Redhead invasions. So THANK YOU Sammy once again for doing what you do for your Redheads...this was VERY cool!! Now on to some ♫ ROCK & ROLL ♫ Love ya Sammy ♥ \m/ - - \m/

j9oneill's picture

SAMMY...you so rock! #1 on the NYT Best Seller List Baby! Says it all, doesn't it? Please please don't ever stop making music or being exactly who you are.....Love You Sammy....next stop...El Paso..must get some Redheads together and indulge!