Was that awesome or what?

September 29, 2011 by sammyhagar
Was that awesome or what?
Chickenfoot III Live Webcast
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OK Redheads, was that awesome or what? I am so excited to have shared all the new foot music with you worldwide and live!!! Last nights web cast was such a new experience for me and the whole band……we have never done something like this before and I had no idea how it would turn out, but the best way to share this music that I am so proud of is the way it was written….live and in the round……And now, like we can take a break…..we are going to Cabo and then a foot road test in November.

OK, Let’s talk about my favorite time of year and my favorite place in the world….Cabo Birthday Bash……Big 64!!!! I have a few tricks up my sleeve this year, I am going to be able to do something I have never been able to do in Cabo this year for my Birthday. We will announce the surprise in Cabo, but take note….the 13th will be bigger and badder than ever…..All I can say is we will be playing a bit earlier on the 13th, so get your buzz on early and check out the details at the cantina……Will Call will start at 11am and you will want to get your wristbands early, because it’s going to be a special October 13th…….All the other shows will be the same old system with will call opening at 2pm- 10pm, doors at 7pm and we will be on stage at 9pm……we are also working on streaming some of the shows on my website for those of you that can’t make it……See Ya In Cabo Baby!!!!

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"Happy 64th Birthday Sammy!!" ~ "10/13!!" ~ "WOW" ~ "Where Did That Year Go?!" ~ "Time Sure Fly's!!" ~ "Wishing We Were In Cabo With You!!" ~ "Have A Totally Awesome 64th Year Ahead!!" ~ "We Know You Will Sam!!" ~ "You Are Amazing!!" ~ "Keep It Up!!" ~ "Thanks For Being You Sammy!!" ~ "We Are Certainly Looking Forward To Seeing You And Your Chickenfoot Bro's In San Francisco On November 1st!!" ~ "Have A Blast Tonight", "Peace And Love Always", Lynnie And Randy

ann.cubbedge.ih83@statefarm.com's picture

Loved the new Chickenfoot -only Sammy would think to do 3D. I really like most of the songs on the CD, the Job one I can do without, I mean it is a good thought but....love everything else and keep it up.

Ann & my puppy Wabo

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The web show was great. Wish I could say the same for the 10/7 show, I payed 3 grand to go and see. So there is no confusion, evrything thats goes with the name Hagar was business as usual. Getting the wrist bands. The beers before the show. Cabo itself, beautiful. But just as Sammy made it on the stage that evening and began to play, some J.O. grabbed me by the back of the neck and punched me in the face 3 times. Never saw the dude, talked to the dude. Spilled beer on or expressed "kiss my ass" to the dude. He, like a coward, landed 3 well placed shots to my face and then faded into the crowd. So, in less than 30 seconds, I had my face bloodied, my person removed and placed on the street by the wrist band line.

The whole experiance was terrible, especially for my Wife who stood there and witnessed the entire ordeal. If it were any other situation, I would feel I had it coming, but not this time. There was nothing I did to instigate this sort of inhumanity. All I can hope is that this prick got his and is reading this so that he knows how chicken shit he is. You were way out of line, you faceless fuck. I'm still standing! Next time, be a man and look me in the eye!!

In closing, there is and always will be, only one way to rock!!

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that was an incredible webcast!
as far as cabo this year...alright alright alright alright! stop teasing those of us who can't make it this year! :)
can't wait to see you guys in Chicabo! this is the best Chickenfoot, oh baby this blows em all away!

no waborita in my reach

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The live show on the internet was awesome!! Got tickets for the Chicago Nov 5th show. Will have a great time as always. Sammy rocks.

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I can't imagine the 13th show this year being better than last year. But I'm sure that you will make it happen Sammy. I couldn't make it down this year and am very bummed about it. Streaming the shows would be Awesome!

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The new album is great watched the webcast flawless and the rockline radio show was awesome as well. Planned on the Bday Bash but our work schedule wouldn't allow it, caught up with Sammy and the Wabos in Tahoe it was a fantastic experience on stage tickets, Sammy signed my book and touched my hair also shook mine and my husband hands, Sammy gave my husband a special handshake, I say we were touched by an angel meaning Sammy is the angel. We are from the city in Texas where 34,000 acres of pine trees burned and 1500 homes, our home and property was spared. We got the news the day after returning from Tahoe. Thanks Sammy and all your band members for great music and great times. I am anxiously waiting for the Chickenfoot tour. Heard some of the new songs on Chickenfoot radio today.

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Chickenfoot III is even more fantastic than 1. Your webcast of the release was great. Next best thing to watching you live and in person. I love all the tunes, but particularly love "Come Closer". Gives me goosebumps.

Also love, love, love, the 2-part harmonies with Mike. Adds a whole new dimension to your sound.

Am hoping you guys will include Seattle or Tacoma on your tour list when you head out. Been too long since we've seen the Foot.

Great, great release!

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I'm so jealous and bummed I'm not going to Cabo this year! You all drink lots of tequila for me. Hoping to catch a Chickenfoot show on the road soon!

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Mona Hope your mother gets healthy, keep her in our prayers.Cant wait til Thursday Cabo Bound Baby!!!!! New Album Totally Kicks Ass.

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Come on Sam,The suspense is killing me.We have tix for the 13th and cant wait to find out the details.CUN Cabo

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The Webcast was Awesome!!!! Can't wait to be Face Down in Cabo!! Got tickets for the 11th and 13th. Maybe a Double Show on the 13th Wabos and then ChickenFoot!! Can't wait to see ya on your Birthday!!!!

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The Web-Show was great! How about making that into a DVD? I think many of us would love to have that show to replay on our home systems.( Crank it up-Play it "LOUD" ) See you in Chicago!!

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The webcast was AWESOME indeed!!! Can not WAIT for the tour to begin!!! You guys have us Chickenheads pretty pumped up!!

And leave it to you to have surprises up your sleeve for the bash!! If the surprise is (and just speculating here), a bash on the BEACH, I will CRY! I can't make it this year and I would HATE to miss THAT, so I'm hoping I am WRONG LOL!! Just remember to save some surprises for next year...the BIG 65! I WILL be there for THAT!
Thanks a bunch for the webcast and I will be tuned in on the 13th, throwing a few back, celebrating, watching whatever you will have streaming for those of us who can't make it :) Thanks Sammy, your the BEST!!!

♥ Darlene

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Sorry I missed the webcast(work and not aloud to be on the web)God!! I wish we were going down this year :(. But the wife is due on 10/13(keeping our fingers crossed) and Sammy, you put on one hell of a show in Columbus. And I was fortunate to win on stage honors for that. Big props to you and the Wabo's for putting on that free show. Hopefully you and the "foot" can make your way back to Columbus? Happy 64th Sammy, you truly are the best.

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Live stream from cabo? PLEASE that would be awesome. So cool you are using today's technology for us. The webcast was fantastic! Thanks for always giving us more and more! You're the best Sammy!

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So cool! It was like sitting in the studio with you! I want to buy the DVD please!

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The webcast was great & the sound was awesome!

Thank you for doing that!

Rockline was cool too.

Im the guy who asked Mike how he likes coming up here - Nor Cal - for band practice.

Hope to catch you guys at the SF road test show in November.