VOA turns 32 today!

July 23, 2016 by sammyhagar
VOA turns 32 today!

VOA, wow 32 years. I can't believe how belligerent I was at this time about Russia pulling out of the 1984 Olympics -- that's what the statement was all about, the voice of America! I actually watched the video for VOA a few days ago and laughed my ass off. First off, Sammy acting (ha ha) strike one. Then, the amount of money that was spent was incredible.... no one could get away with that today! The video cost nearly $400,000 and came out of my share of the royalties like every other artist in those days, ouch!!!

There are some hidden treasures on this record, "Dick In The Dirt" is one of my best tongue-in-cheek double meaning songs. "Rock Is In My Blood".. I love the way this song sounds very bluesy. Then there was "Burnin' Down The City", which was way ahead of its time, it was about the Rap movement that was starting to come, the street artists, the graffiti, I hadn't seen it anywhere yet, but it was on a PBS special and it had a profound effect on me. I saw it coming and it sure did... still not a big fan of graffiti. "Two Sides of Love" was the first Single and video to be released, I love that song though it was not a hit, still like it today... But, it failed, so guess what? We released "I Can't Drive 55" HELLO!!!!

The album immediately shot up the charts -- it went gold, then platinum. The video was a huge hit on MTV and still my biggest solo hit today. Obviously the song still gets a lot of commercial attention from TV with car racing, etc. Funny, I still have that car, it was featured on the new season of "Jay Leno's Garage" coming soon! That 512 Boxer still might be my favorite. Lastly, the uniforms... oh boy, I was trying to be different from all the other hairbands wearing the spandex and the glitter in the glam, this was my new age rock 'n' roll take on the old 50s doo-wop's where they dress the same. I still get a laugh every time I see us in those uniforms.. check the sour look on Bill "the electric church" his face he hated that uniform so much, actually so did I hahaha

My biggest solo album to date. VOA crank it up for 32 years! 

Visit the VOA album page here: http://www.redrocker.com/discography/voa

Check out this shout out video from "Wheeler Dealers" on Discovery Channel the other day...appropriate for today's anniversary of VOA!

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sitka islander's picture

Ah yes- Two Sides a favorite of mine too. Always takes me back to summers in western NY state. Where did the years go? Still waiting to hear that one at Cinqo de Mayo in Tahoe!

Jeffr's picture

I always lloved Swept Away.

One night, and I'm hooked on you
One kiss, and there's nothing I can do
First love, she had to be so far away
First time, I've been swept away

Lyrics aligned eerily with what what was happening that summer.

flutterby2012's picture

Ahh the memories... Two Sides of Love was one of my favs on this album. Cant believe it wasn't a hit...STUPID Radio and their STUPID research!!!

Just watched all the vids from VOA, its been a while... Gotta LOVE the 80's... THanks Sammy for all your music and positive vibes. You ARE the Voice of America... AT least for us Redheads!!!!