Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp

March 12, 2013 by sammyhagar
Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Vic, me, Bro and Billy Sheehan
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My trip to Vegas last week was awesome! First we stopped by the Cabo Wabo for some tacos and margaritas. I ended up jammin with a country rock band that rocked 2 female fiddle players - awesome! Eddie Trunk, Kari and I had a blast - the Trunk is the best hang! What a trooper, he took a bottle of Beach Bar rum and a bottle of Cabo back to his hotel room???? My man.

Friday was all about the Fantasy Camp. After the previous night I was not ready to play and sing all day, but here we go. With 12 bands made up of mostly Redheads I had a blast singing stuff I forgot long ago! Bro and Vic put the bands together and Billy Sheehan joined on bass - what a player - Space Station #5 rivaled the original! Kip Winger always cool, Lita Ford lookin good as ever,and Joe Vitale rocked Rock Candy - 2nd to the mighty Carmassi on that on deep pocket. All n all never sang so much in one night, but it was the real deal, one on one playing music with the fans. I'm still rewinding. Thanks for inviting me!


For more photos of the contest winner Reggie, his family and Sammy go to and And for a video of Sammy and the participants of Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp go to

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Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Eddie Trunk, me, Bro, Billy Sheehan
Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Redhead contest winners
Very cool fans and family!
Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Lita Ford & rum
(she didn't do it)
Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Fantasy camp founder
David Fishof
Vegas and Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp
Thursday night w/ country rock
band Cash Presley @ Vegas Cantina

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FontanaFanBrett's picture

My name is Brett i came in 2nd in this contest and i just wanted to say congrats to Reggie and his family. Your wife wrote a nice letter. Although i did not win i do get to walk away with the title of being Sammy's "2nd" biggest fan and that's pretty cool. It would have been nice to get something like an autographed photo for 2nd place but i do have the Email telling me i came in 2nd it's framed and on my hard rock room wall. Congrats again Reggie.

FontanaFanBrett's picture

Congrats to Reggie and his family . My name is Brett i was the 2nd place winner, Your wife wrote a great letter. Would have been nice to atleast gotten an autographed picture for 2nd place but i walk away with the title of being Sammy Hagars 2nd biggest fan and thats pretty cool. I saved the Email that said i came in 2nd had it framed . Congrats again Reggie. And Thanks Sam for 41 years of great music and concerts!

Michele_M's picture

This is Reggie's wife, Michele. I just wanted to thank Sammy and everyone involved for making this the best week of his life! Reggie had a blast and we met some of the best people in the world at this camp! We'll never forget this experience! Sammy was so generous with his time and called us up on stage with our daughter, Melissa. I will cherish these pictures and memories forever. Pretty proud of my man, too :)

Thanks again for picking Reggie to go to RRFC! See you in Tahoe!

Bones's picture

Contest winner and his band at camp!

Bones's picture

We killed Bad Motor Scooter!!! Thank you Sammy and I am very sorry I tripped you and stole your mic. I was a little excited. :-)

ReggieMarsh's picture

Where do I start? This was THE MOST AMAZING WEEK OF MY LIFE! Getting to sing on stage with Sammy on Friday was the cherry on top of the cake! Spent the week rockin' out with DAVID LAUSER who was AMAZING! Shout out to the rest of my band SCARED STIFF...Paul, Brian, Bernt - best group of guys in the world. We met amazing people at this camp and spent the week rockin' out with giants in the rock world. It was surreal, to say the least. It was awesome to be able to thank Sammy in person for this honor. I gave it everything I had and at the end of the week, although I was worn out, I wasn't ready to leave. I'm attaching a YouTube link to the song we did with Sammy--IT FRICKIN' ROCKED (Thank you Heather and Paul Fortier for the video)! I'm the singer with Sammy btw. AGAIN--BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! THANK YOU SAMMY AND ALL THE PEOPLE WE MET THAT MADE MY DREAM COME TRUE!

Mandy Buck's picture

Thanks again Sammy you resigned my husband Sammy Hagar model guitar it means the world to him also you guys rocked Bad Motor Scooter, and you took a picture with the guitar and Spike, if anyone has a picture of that please let me know I have it on video but not a photo.

Mandy xoxoxo

azure.s's picture

Why ??? stashing hooch?
I plan to put back some BBR, when I finally get my hands on it!
I'll sip a little and stash a lot, maybe.
See you in Jackpot!