Thoughts on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

December 15, 2017 by sammyhagar
Thoughts on the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Being a Hall of Famer (Van Halen) I am qualified to vote for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees every year. As I wait for my ballot every year, I open it with anticipation of seeing my name as a solo artist in there, haha. When someone sent me this from Ultimate Classic Rock I thought it was great and almost bought into it. Then I realized it’s someone’s opinion not for real... as of yet.

Congratulations to all the inductees especially Bon Jovi who was kept off the ballot for so long and when nominated swept the votes unanimously! It just goes to show the people are the ones that should always control the vote. Hope to see you there,


Read Ultimate Classic Rock's article here:

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You definitely meet the criteria. More than 25 years since your first solo release. Clearly, your contributions have been, and continue to be, both significant and influential to the perpetuation of rock music. AND YOUR NOT EVEN CLOSE TO STOPPING! This is exactly what you’ve done. I hope they don’t snub you just because you got your spot with Van Halen. You shouldn’t be a footnote among that soap opera of a band. You were influencing and perpetuating them a decade before you even joined Van Halen. So, technically,YES! You have earned your spot among solo rockers in the RRHOF.