Thinking of Carroll Shelby today

May 25, 2012 by sammyhagar
Thinking of Carroll Shelby today
More images are available below.

He will be missed. Here's a photo of us in his RV at Barrett-Jackson the year I sold my Shelby. We were talkin' Cabo and cars.

Godspeed, Carroll.

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It's hard not to mourn ones passing , but you have to try to celebrate thier life.... Shelby is a name that will never be forgotten....

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Shelbys are freaking aweseome, people come and go in our lives. Either by chance or circumstance or just because. Everyone who touches us has meaning and each encouter has a meaning. I don't quesiton I just belive....... It sucks so much to loose friends and family, i know too well........ That's why we just have to bond, believe, be inspired and leave a part of ourselves for the next generation.
I've taken the time and heart to pass on many talents, gifts and blessings. Though they may not be appreciated today, in the futre we will always live as does Godspeed Carroll. Love ya!

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that looks like Danny Zelisko hanging out too !!