Taj Mahal and Mount Tam Jam

June 25, 2013 by sammyhagar
Taj Mahal and Mount Tam Jam
Sammy & Taj Mahal
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Back around 1971 or so I saw Taj Mahal play in San Francisco with Bro when we were in Justice Brothers and he knocked me out.  We had a chance to hang out a little he was a superstar to me since he had actually put out a couple albums already! This past weekend, over 40 years later we reconnected at the Mount Tam Jam festival and it was so cool that he remembered that time.  He just killed it in his set and talked about seeing each other again soon - maybe Cabo, or just next time he's in town. 

Also enjoyed meeting John McCrea from CAKE and finding out he came up on riff rock and he surprised me by calling out Burn In Hell -- an deep track from my back catalog. 
Very cool day of music in the Mountain Theater where Kari and I got married!

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Taj Mahal and Mount Tam Jam
Sammy, Taj, John McCrea

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Good to hear that you liked the play. First I mistook Taj Mahal for the monument in India which is among the 8 wonders of the world.
Schweiz Kosmetik