Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!

July 01, 2015 by sammyhagar
Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!
Me,Kari,Kenny, Mary all dressed up for you ha ha.
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I woke up this morning saw two people on horseback riding on the beach pass my house in Cabo I was a little groggy from a dinner party/tequila/rum/beer/fine wine party. Ouch. So I didn't look up because I didn't want to do any photographs or autographs this morning.

Next thing I hear "Sammy! Sammy! yo Sammy, it's Kenny!!" I look up and it's fucking Kenny Chesney and his beautiful girlfriend Mary who I've met a few times in Maui and in Cabo. I thought I was hallucinating next thing I know we're eating tacos, drinking margaritas, sitting around playing songs trying to write another one that lives up to "One sip and you'll surrender", riding ATVs up and down the beach, in & out of the ocean. I'm telling you, one of the most fun days i have had doing A whole Lotta nothing in a long time.

I'm about to hit the sack, go to bed early, and then enjoy my last day in Cabo before I head out to Illinois for the show on Friday with the Circle -- can't wait. But as far as Kenny Chesney goes him and I are brothers from a different mother, cut from the same cloth, here's a couple candid flicks. 



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Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!
Jammin w/ Kenny
Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!
Kama, Kari, Mary on the beach.
Surprise visit from Kenny Chesney in Cabo!
ATVs on the Beach with Samantha showing us how to get them started ha ha

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What night will Kenny be with you at your Birthday bash this year?

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looks beautiful!

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Wow, can see why you love that place. Beautiful and surprises like that with lots of fun. Would make no one want to leave. But I'm so happy your coming to ribfest and summerfest this weekend. We need whole lotta fun too. Lol.. Love Ya Sammy ~Ang

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See you at Ribfest, got a little gift for you and the boys. Just a small token for all the great music.

Brian and Lisa

"give to live"

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Can't wait for the show Friday night Sammy!