Surprise Cabo Show!

June 16, 2015 by sammyhagar
Surprise Cabo Show!
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I've played hundreds of last minute shows at the Cantina but last night (Monday) I was so surprised at how many redheads were in town --it was packed!!

Vic and I expected to have a mellow acoustic set for a handful of people, but wow, what a response from those fans that just happened to be in town that night. Cabo Uno was at their best and having my right and left hand man Vic Johnson join us I'm still high from that show loved it, I'm sure everyone in that audience would agree there was a major buzz going on high energy electric like the old days at the Cabo Wabo tonight rivaled the birthday bash. And that's saying something!

Thank you to everyone that was there last night, I loved it and had a blast I'm sure I'll be paying tomorrow ha ha I meant we Will be paying tomorrow.



Set list to the best of my memory: 
 Acoustic set
Red voodoo
No worries
One sip 
When the sun don't shine
Fall in love again 
Winding down. 
 Electric set. 
Mad teq 
Rock Candy 
Why can't this be love
Finish whatcha started
Heavy metal. 
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Surprise Cabo Show!

 3  Redhead Comments

TOMMYCABO's picture

We had the best time!
Thanks Sammy, you guys rock!

tquinn's picture

That is bad ass!

615-756975's picture

That would have been very cool! To have been sippin a waborita
And you come on instead of the house band. We came down for your birthday bash in 2003
We weren't able to get in for the bash we ended up buying a timeshare real close to the club
We're there every year now
In March and miss you every time. Still love the CaboWabo even if you're not there
The circle album is very special I enjoy it very much.