Strat Recap - Weekend 2

November 10, 2021 by sammyhagar
Strat Recap - Weekend 2

Vegas, on stage & off, it’s been Sammy Hagar & Friends — and it’s been a blast. See you this weekend as we close out the first sold-out run of my residency. Here are some of my favorite moments (so far). 1. With my buddy & fellow Libra Sting 2. Jammin’ on stage with my main Libra buddy Bobby Weir @ #thestrat 3. At Sting’s soundcheck with the bombastic Libra Shaggy. See a sign here? @ #thecolosseum at Caesars. 4. Backstage with Stephen Pearcy and Mikey after the 1st show. 5. Sammy Hagar & Friends @ #thestrat or are we in Cabo still? 6. On stage with my brother Mikey 7. Redheads, you have my ❤️

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It's a bummer that I missed you. So frustrating. I was in Vegas with The Rolling Stones, but your show was sold out.