Spring Break, Sammy-style!

April 24, 2013 by sammyhagar
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Rocked out with Kenny in Orange, Alabama...
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Last week was a crazy spring break - from Cabo to Miami to Alabama to New Orleans!

Things started out down in Cabo - hopped up on stage and jammed w/ Cabo Uno and Sammy's Baja Salt Mine is back up and running for the best margarita ever! My salt is only for the cantina to give away (ask for it in Cabo only!). Check out my recipe for the world's great margarita:

1oz fresh Tahitian lime juice
1/2oz damiana
1/2oz Cointreau
1 1/2 to 2oz Cabo Blanco or Reposado
1/2 tsp agave nectar or good raw sugar/ simple syrup- all works fine

Put in shaker over med size ice cubes. Not crushed (crushed ice is too watered down).
Shake the hell out of it.
Run rim of small martini glass with left over lime and dip in flaky sea salt (mine if in cabo- ha!)- not too much.
Shake again pour into glass and forget the garnish.
Drink it before it warms up (reason for smaller glass).

After Cabo I flew to Miami for meeting with rum distributors, then on to Florida fishing with Emeril for rest of the week, then over to Orange, Alabama for my buddy Kenny Chesney's show - hopped on stage and played with Kenny songs from the 4 decades show - did 55, finish what a started, and rock candy which Grace Potter also joined us on. Really magic!

From Alabama it was back to Florida for more fishing and eating with Emeril (check out the photos- yum!) and then Saturday night George Straights last show in New Orleans with Emeril who finished me off and put me on the plane couch for home. whew! R we having any fun yet?

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Spring Break, Sammy-style!
...where we were joined by Grace Potter!
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Grace Potter an Kari.
People say they look alike.
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Hanging with my buds after the show.
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Caught a giant Gus down
in Destin, Florida with Emeril.
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Home cooked meal with
Emeril in New Orleans.
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Emeril said I'm the best sous chef in the bayou.
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
Sammy & Emeril bounty!
Spring Break, Sammy-style!
An evening with Emeril would wipe anyone out - he put me on the plane couch for the trip home.

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Sammy is having great fun with his friend, He is enjoying a lot. I was completely unaware of his cooking talent. I am a great fan of his songs.


Savvy9171's picture

Just love something about this pic of Sammy sleeping on the couch!

azure.s's picture

Switch on the Light!!
Why don't
You get
Up off
The couch.....

TODDSTARR's picture

Sammy we love ya & You are the man, Pictures are Awesome, Full Power!

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Sammy, we Love ya & you are the Man! Love the Pictures! Full Power!

Blaze's picture

Sammy that's what draws us Redheads to you, the way you live your life. And us as Redheads are lucky enough to spend 1 or 2 weeks a year (some get to do more)being part of that life,and we all love PARTYING with you. We all wish with could get more, but as life goes. We will take what we can get. Like I said in one of my past replies. You just keep doing what you are doing and THANKS FOR THE RIDE

And I almost forgot, those Veggies look TASTY

Later Jeff

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