Sold out in Indio with George Lopez

September 08, 2015 by sammyhagar
Sold out in Indio with George Lopez
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Last night in Indio we had a sold out Circle concert AND George Lopez introduced us, then joined us many times throughout the concert for an unbelievable, crazy, whacked out, high-energy party/concert!

He actually did an encore without us after our third one until he finally got booed off the stage talking politics about Trump.

Hilarious -- one of the funniest guys I've been around in a long time we partied long after the show & I'm paying for it today and I bet Mikey is too! He's threatening to come to Cabo for the bash I told him be careful crossing the border in case Trump gets in office they might not let him back ha ha Ha ha ha

What a great 2 nite run between Tahoe and Indio. - Sammy  

P.S. they ran out of Sammys Beach Bar Rum both nights!! That's what I'm talking about!! The redheads had to be happy, I know we were loving The Circle more every show.  See you in Cabo.  


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Sold out in Indio with George Lopez
Sold out in Indio with George Lopez
Sold out in Indio with George Lopez

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Please Sammy...

No George Lopez in Cabo !!!

Don't ruin it for us !!!!

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Must be some over sensitive "old farts" (even if your younger; it's an attitude) or conservatives/Trump supporters. Lol What?! Swearing at a rock and roll concert?! Wow! Haha! I'll go with Sammy's take and most of us/those there, "a blast!" To some of the commenters: George is far from washed up! Apart from still sold out concerts, movies, and a new show starting in Jan on TVLand with a guaranteed 1rst season; (and his GLo show from before, has never been off TV since that show ended; and pulls giant ratings in syndication!) - he has 15 million plus followers (teens through adults) among all of his social media accounts; and that's just people who use the Internet sites. He is an amazing talent, who as a person, is authentic, down to earth, kind, and generous! And, always a huge supporter of rock and roll! Always gives them public support and P.R., unlike most other stars! So, he let himself relax & have fun at a rock concert in a break between all he has going on?! Big deal!! And, if the booze ran out, like Sammy says, apparently he wasn't the only one! Lol Just because you disagree with what he says, didn't make it a big deal. Had you liked the message, you would be singing a different tune. The guys had done several encores, so G stuck it (deservedly) to Trump (who would be anti-rock and roll) at the very end?! Big deal. It wasn't political throughout the whole show. And, he was egging on the boos! Lol HE believes in freedom of expression! And, the show was over! The majority loved his participation - including the band - so maybe you should stick to tamer stuff, or just grow up a bit and let it go in one ear and out the other, if you're truly not a prude. For the majority, he added to the fun! There was plenty of show for everyone. It was a fabulous show to the majority! Great music and fun!

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I rode my motorcycle from Redding California to Indio. The anticipation of Sammy's Indio concert carried me through the long trip; obviously listening to Sammy from my IPad along the way. The Indio concert was amazing and the experience kept me energized throughout the return trip. I am willing to bet Sammy has the finest musicians in Rock today. I am also willing to bet Sammy has the best behaved yet most partying audience.

As for Sammy, he embodies an inclusive light spirit. You can feel his spirit as he personally interacts with each band member during the performance. The audience often get their turn to be loved on by Sammy as well! Someone from the front left threw what looked like a hat from the children's series Cat in the Hat and Sammy wore it for the duration of the song! What a great interaction. Sammy loves his audience and they love him in return.

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Just got my Sammy and the Circle CD set today in the mail and I am on my 4th time listening to it!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! This music makes me so happy!!! Thank you for doing this for us Sammy, Mike, Vic and Jason!! So wish we could be there in Cabo with you all for the Birthday Bash - but luck was not with us this year in the lottery - so positive thoughts for next year!! Oh - and can't wait for the "Are We Having Fun Yet" cookbook to arrive next week. We tried out the sneak peak sent via email Carne Asada recipe for Labor Day and WOW!!!! Cooked it on the Big Green Egg - amazing!!!
We will be there to see you in Biloxi in November - and I can hardly wait!!!!! Love you Sammy!!!

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Sammy - You and the Circle were outstanding!!! More than any of us in the audience could hope for. The energy, the vibe, the acoustical spot on. You left us all wanting more.... More of you and the band (Mickey, Vic And Jason). I'm sorry...I know you and George are friends... And I've been involved in a golf tourney where he and Trevino played together and they were hilarious. But..... I'm sorry to say...he over stepped his place last night.Sunday night was about you and the guys in the band. Not sure it was good judgement that he came out for final bows with the band. Love his support for him wanting to get the crowd involved...but his politics did NOT belong up on stage last night. You guys deserved a positive send off. Not a bunch of us old farts booing George for being George. Keep up the great work, the great music, the great ju ju that you do do well. Peace my brutha! Aloha!

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Loved the show (kinda), love that band, they were so tight, but.....George Lopez almost ruined the whole show, was it really necessary to swear every five seconds, sing on every couple of songs (he can't sing worth crap!). The the whole labor day speech by Lopez with all the swearing, I mean c'mon. He pretty much ruined the whole show for me, I ended walking out Lopez was so damn annoying!! Never again will I go anywhere if Lopez is w/in 500 miles of the event. I paid close to 400 dollars to see one of the BEST bands ever not some washed up comedian that did nothing but swear ever two seconds, George give it up, you're not funny you added nothing to the show, in fact you took time away from the band to maybe play one or two more songs. If I'm being honest it was disappointing that Sammy would let Mr. Lopez have so much stage time, I didn't pay to see him. His intro was vile and disgusting and I thought ok, he's gone, no more but every 10 minutes he was back w/his bad singing and absolutely filthy mouth. And really, talking about Sammy's white pants and Sammy having a camel toe??? C'mon, that's not even close to funny. Mr. Hagar you have a kick ass band, I'll see you again but not if Mr. Lopez is there, now way. BTW, I feel like someone owes me 400 dollars for that garbage I had to put up with watching that washed up comedian swear every five seconds. I'm no prude but it way over the top!!!