Sammy's Sea Salts

April 17, 2012 by sammyhagar
Sammy's Sea Salts
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Here's my first batch of Sammy's Sea Salt from the beach in front of my house in Cabo! I'm making this exclusively for the margaritas at the Cabo Wabo down here! Damn it's some salty salt -- a little goes a long way but it's flaky enough to disappear on the tongue. Unfortunately there ain't enough to go around, but it's fun to make -- just using a cookie sheet and 1/2" of sea water at a time!

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jeffc087's picture

I can't wait to see the foot in Tahoe on the 4th see u there woo hoo

azure.s's picture

(I realize this sounds way nerdy and it is only mildly relevant to Sammy Hagar, but it seems significant at the moment.)
I remembered something just a minute ago: In Shakespeare's play King Lear, when the aging king is dividing up his kingdom before he "retires," he asks each of his three daughters how much they love him. Based on the "quality" of their response, he assigns an equivalent inheritance. The first two gush all sorts of sickeningly sweet platitudes which the king laps up, thinking the girls will love and take care of him as he fades with age. The youngest and most sincere daughter (the one who truly loves him)tells him only that she loves him like salt, meaning she needs him dearly. Long story short? Naw, I'm not giving it away; look it up. I will say it's one of Shakespeare's best plays, and it's arguably not a tragedy.

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"Salty salt"....that's awesome. ;-) Damn I want a margarita so bad!!!

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Sammy,Very Cool... Looking forward to the Foot in Tahoe,Yeah Shaw Ya Betcha!!!

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Hey Sammy. We are in Cabo right now. We saw you sing Sunday night. We were front row with the Chickenfoot sign. You gave my husband a high five. AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK!!!! See you in Houston May 29th. We are going back to The Wabo to look for your salt.

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We are in Cabo now. We saw you perform Sunday night. You are awesome! We are here all week and we will be looking for your salt at The Wabo. ROCK ON!!!!!!

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Dude! Seriously! Is there anything you don't do! HAH! Keep it coming Sammy, Redheads got your back, we'll buy what ever your selling...

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Do ya need to filter the water Sammy i am going to be in cabo in May for a bit staying on the beach gonna give it a try sounds yummy