Sammy's Beach Bar Rum - The Fontana Connection

December 08, 2011 by sammyhagar
Sammy's Beach Bar Rum - The Fontana Connection
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Redheads - Wow ! coincidence ??
Even though Sammys Beach Bar Rum is produced on Maui... I found this on bottom of the shipping boxes !
Made in Fontana, ca... my hometown !!
somethings are meant to be it !


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 16 Redhead Comments

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Happy 69th Bday Sammy, I hope you are having a great day and Bday Bash week!!!! Wish I could be there but hopefully for your 70th!!! Man you don't look a day over 40 to me!!!

Keep on Rockin and making more great music!!!


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That was really meant for you. Lucky for you to have that and I am pretty sure that you'll treasure that moment when you had it. Thanks for sharing. -how to buy youtube views

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Awsome!! Need to get some in Ohio and northern KY. I e-mailed your dist. for the rum and he said he would let me know. He also said he e-mailed you my idea I have about having a "Hangin' with Sammy" contest. Would be cool to just come down, alone or with a friend and just kick it with you and the family for a day or so; cook some great Italian food (I cook a lot and I know you do too; I am a chemist but have my own custom chef coat!), go to the beach, 4 wheel, whatever. Just see what a day in the life of Sammy is like. Hope it comes true for someone lucky some day. Can't wait to try the rum. You are a master of marketing and music (I would love to be your quality control chemist for the rum)! I even listened to one of my favorites the day Ronnie left us...Space Station #5! Listening to HSAS...



RollinsE's picture

Love your blog, love your pics, love your smile))) Keep on posting, you always make my day;))

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That's AWESOME SAMMY !! Great to see and meet you at the M&B Christmas show ! I saw you outside by the rink and asked where your RUM is, you turned and said, "In my room" then hugged me ! I was floored ! THANKS Sammy ! Funny thing, The next day, a package arrived with 2 bottles of " BEACH BAR RUM" !!! It's nice to have friends in Maui !!! My girlfriend and I asked some friends there to send it a couple of weeks prior. Great timing ! MERRY CHRISTMAS SAMMY and to Michael, Joe and your families !! CHICKENFOOT ROCKS !!!
ps. I'm making my own Lemoncello from meyers lemons in my yard. Working on the labels now. I hope one day I can share some with ya ! Or maybe stock it at El Paseo, the Cantina or the Acqua.
Michael aka,,, Moosefoot

302_Boss_Chick's picture

Yeah...thought you were born in Salinas Sam?? hee hee!! Come back to Napa and look me up when you're not busy. Love you!!!

~Stef ♥

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nice now come play here in your home town

KLRed's picture

Somethings are meant to be!! Sammy, you've gotta bring this Rum to St. Louis! Kristy

sunrhino's picture

Awesome! Can't wait! You look fantastic! Just wanted to update you...I was the pregnant girl at your st. Louis book signing last march that you met and you rubbed my belly! Well, you said it was a girl and I said if it was a boy id name him aftee you. Hopefully soon we can see you again so you can meet my 3 month old son, SAMMY :) Love you man! You're my idol! Much love from sunny and sammy.

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There is NO SUCH THING AS COINCIDENCE! It's destiny ! This was meant to be. It's going to be uphill all the way ! Best of luck to you, sir.

Redlover's picture

There are No coincidences! So cool! Your new rum is gonna ROCK!!!

Just like me getting Bottle #2 of Cabo Uno in *SALINAS*! Even Steve K. was amazed! He said it should have been proprietary and asked me how I got it. Told him I got it at the liquor store in a 3-bottle case that had one bottle out cause the owner bought it...I bought the other two,drank one (which was a 4 digit bottle number) and never even unwrapped the other for like YEARS... then when I did I saw the number *2* and was like...WOW! LOL!

Keep on Rockin' Sam! Love & Miss ya Brother!!!


Railrunner130's picture

Gotta keep it local! That's a good way to support the economy.

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Soooo Kewl!! I want a bottle sooo bad, been asking my Hawaiian peeps to "find" and send me one