Rum Bash Last Night

April 25, 2012 by sammyhagar
Rum Bash Last Night
Guy and Sammy raffle off some prizes
More images are available below.

I can't believe last night - you Redheads are some of the most fun people on the planet! Thank you so much, Kari & I had one of the best times ever!

And to everyone who I met who made the trek from out of state -- wow, I was really knocked out! Let's do it again!

ps: how about that Ape? We'll definitely be seeing more of them in the future!

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Rum Bash Last Night
Sammy and Ape
Rum Bash Last Night
Sammy and Ape

 4  Redhead Comments

cathyleighs014's picture

Thank you so much for the Beach Bar Rum Bash! It has been on my bucket list to get a picture and a hug from you since I was 17 and sat on your lap at KSJO. To be in that small of a venue and have that close of contact with you was amazing. You have brought me so much joy all these years and put a smile on my face. I am reading Pat Walker's book and I have had the similar experiences of Blissed out Joy when you are a part of my life!
Seeing you for two nights in Tahoe was an outer body experience for me and I will cherish the experience and photo's forever. Can't wait for Tahoe Sept. 1st and Cabo for your Birthday!
My one and only Son Bradford is 22 and in Afghanistan right now, the last time I saw him in March he bought me the soft cover of your book and said "MOM I HOPE YOU GET TO MEET SAMMY HAGAR, I KNOW HOW MUCH YOU LOVE HIM' Well, thanks, for making it happen! Hugs, Peace, Love and Rock!!!! Cathy Leigh

ctcabo's picture

Now that was a party!! So worth the trip from the Great NW!! Never a dull moment when we get to spend time with our Bay Area peeps! Having the Wabos in the house made it that much more special! Thanks for putting on such a great event at a great venue. The ever popular phrase "Are we having any fun yet!?" was never in doubt! Let's do it all over again!

juliev006's picture

I had a really great time last night.....thank you so much Sammy for taking a picture with me, I have wanted that for ever. Thanks for everything you do!!! I thought Ape was great and Mill Valley is such a cool place...loved it !

Livin it Up's picture

WOW, looks like an awesome time!! Wish I could have been their! Keep rockin Sammy and I'll see you in Detroit May 14th. CAN'T WAIT, LOVE THE FOOT!!!!