Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute

April 27, 2012 by sammyhagar
Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute
Denny Carmassi, Bill Church, Sammy Hagar
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Denny and Bill are sounding absolutely fantastic and we can't wait to play these songs from the first Montrose album tonight for the celebration of Ronnie and the music. Here's a few photos from yesterday's rehearsal that we wanted to share.

Photos by Arthur Rosato.

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Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute
Denny Carmassi and Bill "Electric" Church
Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute
Sammy and Joe (Bill Church in the back)
Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute
Bill "Electric" Church
Rehearsal for Montrose Tribute
Denny Carmassi

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Guitar Slinger's picture

Hey Sammy: I love that you do a tribute for great classic rock Guitarist. The other day I was checkin midnight special performances on youtube and stumbled on to you jammin. Its amazing how things can be so long ago and still be timeless. I have an soft spot for the Van Hagar days. I just can't get past what I think is the best Rock ever recorded. Should someday you do a Van Hagar tribute tour for no particular reason. I would love that. There are a million Guitar players that can play Eddie note for note. It would be interesting to see who you would get. Finding a drummer to play Alex could be the biggest challenge(actually Kenny could do it). In the meantime, In between time I'll keep thumpin as best I can my own interpretation of Van Hagar. Its a great hobby for me, Please know that I mean no disrespect, If I could play better I would. I'll keep at it. You Keep Rockin Dude.
God Bless!

RIP Ronnie's picture

That was the best damned set ever, my man! It was SO great to see & hear you rock out with Danny & Bill again! Satch masterfully offered up Ronnie's tracks, and for one magical night we heard Montrose again.

johnnys087's picture

Right On Sammy, sounds like an awesome night.