Red Voodoo's 19th Anniversary

March 23, 2018 by sammyhagar
Red Voodoo's 19th Anniversary

Red Voodoo... it meant a lot for me in my transition from being a rockstar (Van Halen) at my peak to getting back to basic heart and soul, of what I wanted to do as a child.

The one word that says it all about this CD is "Fearless".

I wasn't trying to write a hit song. I wasn't trying to advance my career to be more rich and famous. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to make music that would make other people happy, and that's when everything came together.

ps: It freaked everyone (management, record company, agents, publicist, critics, etc.) out. Except me!!!!

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 3  Redhead Comments

larryb055's picture

The Redheads love it! Still remember sneaking into the the Hard Rock Cafe in Los Angeles without a ticket and being up front for the album premier. Love the song Red Voodoo; blessed to see you perform it a few times live, once in Tahoe. Rock on!!!

seana008's picture

Love this CD, listen to it all the time.

Santa-Kevin's picture

Never freaked us REDHEADS out!!!

Sammy, I have been going to see you since the Montrose days. and have never ever been un-happy after seeing your shows. Always leave with a smile. Thank you!