Red Head for Redheads!

June 07, 2013 by sammyhagar
Red Head for Redheads!

Red Head for Redheads! That's right, I named the new Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Red Head after the greatest fans in the world. This new version of the best rum ever made has the flavor of Macadamia nuts soaked in the white rum and is colored RED!

I've flown the first bottling in just for my Redheads attending the Vegas Tiki Party  tomorrow! The special "Mai Tai Red Head" drinks are gonna be outasight! To everyone who can't be here, don't worry- be patient and it will be in your local state in the near future.

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 8  Redhead Comments

Susan Heaford's picture

I wish we were in Vegas Right Now with Sammy, his Red Head Rum and HOT temperatures! It is 28 degrees in Iowa today!
This Sucks! I need VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nannettee078's picture

I got to taste the Rum at the Tiki party. It was also great to receive a bottle of regular BBR ( delivered to our room) with a note, recipe, lime & mint from Sammy : )

I need a re-do on the red rum : ) I had my buzz on but I did like the taste but want more !! Can't wait Sammy and thank you for a great SHOW!!!


outlaw's picture

Dude... I need me some of that!

tammyz005's picture

Bring to St. Paul, Mn aug 24th!!!! :-p Sounds yummy

jjanuary's picture

I was there in Vegas Saturday night, front row, awesome show Sammy, and thanks so much for autographing my ONE WAY TO ROCK sign. It is already on display in my man cave! Great show and great rum, enjoyed some back in the room after the show! Are you going to RUN TO THE SUN this year? Thanks again Havasu Red Head

Mashagar's picture

The Red Head rum is really good!

ChrisBrennen's picture

I'm thirsty!