Recap from the Tahoe Family Show Last Night

May 05, 2018 by sammyhagar
Recap from the Tahoe Family Show Last Night
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I’m starting to love these acoustic shows more and more every time I do one. The songs on our set list are all hidden treasures. When I sing the songs I feel so much, it’s hard to explain. Some are actually very emotional and hard to sing. The fans that get the family acoustic shows, are as special as the songs!

I want to thank everyone that made the trek up to Lake Tahoe last night. A lot of you not knowing what was going to happen and still sang along at the top of your lungs to songs that have never been played on the radio! That brings me a lot of joy. This kind of stuff not only brings my family closer together, I believe it brings the fans closer together as well and brings us all closer to who we really are.

Thank you for allowing me to do this! See you at the Fillmore May 15th, or Southern California later, and anywhere and everywhere this year. Lots of big surprises coming up

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Recap from the Tahoe Family Show Last Night
Recap from the Tahoe Family Show Last Night

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cabojohnny5150's picture

great show. I was front and center. Sammy, I have seen you 80+ times. It is a treat for the fans to get to hear some rarer played songs. Highlights for me were Delia (I loved this song when I first heard in on R&R Roadtrip, so glad you added it to the set) also Father Time (oh man, this is one of the best written songs you have done in a looong time) I can't wait for the new Circle cd. I hope these 2 songs are included. If not Light Roast vol. 2!!!

JiminOhio's picture

Saw the family acoustic show on Da Boat, and loved it! Family is first and you bring that!

Susan Fox's picture

Had a fantastic time at your show last night, loved the acoustic. I attended a concert on your birthday on 10/13/1995 where you sang Where Eagles Fly for the first time on stage, you told us that VH wouldn't let you sing it but since it was your birthday you were going to do what you wanted. It was incredible to hear it that first time and equally so to hear your version last night. Thank you for being you Sammy.

prcn222's picture

Amazing show...thank you so much! The acoustic show is so personal and soul filled. Please do more!