Putting a few things into context...

June 25, 2020 by sammyhagar
Putting a few things into context...

Hey, Sammy here. Earlier in the week Rolling Stone ran a compilation piece from their Quarantine Q&A series. I did that interview a month and a half ago, things change very fast right now, so I wanted to clarify and put a few things into context now.

I did that interview May 8th when we were already several weeks into the stay-at-home, which my family and I took very seriously, and things were starting to look up, the curve was beginning flattening. So when I was asked if I’d be comfortable enough to get back onstage before a vaccine was out, I was cautiously optimistic. I said, “Yeah, not too soon. I want to make sure it’s not escalating. When it’s declining and seems to be going away.”

Big picture, it’s about getting back to work in a safe and responsible way and getting this economy rolling again. I will do my part. I stand by that. I employ 200 people directly and when we tour even more. Like everything today, it’s a watch and see over the next few months but we remain cautiously optimistic that with the right improvements and safety measures in place, we might be able to play shows this year. That said, as things change, for the better or worse, we will appropriately adjust our plans.

You can find the article here.

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Hey Sammy, regarding Karen's request, please continue to NOT play ANYWHERE! Things will come together when people get their pandemic mindset together. In the meantime, keep sending us more Circle jams, and ignore foolish requests from the "Karen's" of the world.

I'm dying to see you again, but only in the post-pandemic world brother. Peace

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Enclosed duh?

karen brazelton's picture

Hey also what about a plastic inclosed stage with a/c!!! To keep you guys my loves cool and safe!!!

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Find an arena and live stream "COVID -AID" ......a 2020 version of FARM AID --which (as we all know and love) started the Hagar /Halen dynasty! Leave the arena empty and keep everyone safe while giving the fans 2020 versions of their favorite bands! How cool would it be to see Eddie and Sammy reunited to play Zeppelins rock and roll (While donating all money to research and care for those affected with the disease.) Invite all your friends....invite anyone who would want to play and restart America! Maybe the news could then focus on some positive news …. of people helping people.. instead of people hating people. Lets rock and roll...

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Sammy please come to Tampa! our concert halls are open. Come to the Mid Florida Amp where you guys were going to play in July
but had to cancel. It's outside! Love You All!!!

Karen Brazelton
AKA cabo wabo queen