"Nine On A Ten Scale" - 40 Years Ago!

May 29, 2016 by sammyhagar
"Nine On A Ten Scale" - 40 Years Ago!

Until just now, I had no idea that it was 40 years ago “Nine On A Ten Scale" came out!

This was my first solo record and I was so excited to be able to do whatever I wanted in the studio. I was really into Van Morrison at the time and more about being a singer/songwriter than a front man in a metal band like Montrose. Looking back, it was a disjointed record, but I had some great players on there: Jerry Shirley from Humble Pie, Aynsley Dunbar from Bowie and later Journey, and of course none other than Bill "The Electric" Church, and even Jimmy Hodder from Steely Dan. "Keep on Rockin'" ended up in the movie "The Rose" with Bette Midler about Janis Joplin, but the album failed to do very well. It was my first album to be taken out of print - because of a management change Capital Records had to stop promoting the record to prevent a lawsuit. I immediately went back in the studio to record the Red album, which was my first gold solo record. "Silver Lights" has got to be my favorite song on "Nine On A Ten Scale".

Ps: The title was an earthquake calculation, not my scoring of the album! Haha!


Webmaster: Also check out the Ultimate Classic Rock article on the anniversary at http://ultimateclassicrock.com/sammy-hagar-nine-on-a-ten-scale/

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Thanks Sammy for all the music.

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Long before "Eagles Fly", this album's got "Flamingos Fly". Maybe we can get that on the set list for Cabo? There's a ton of gems in your catalog Sammy. You know how much we love when you dig deep and throw in those surprises.

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Still love listening to this album! "Silver Lights" is one of my all time favorites ( and referenced in "Love Walks In" ). Sammy, don't forget us long time fans on your playlists. We'd love to hear some of your classics. Haven't heard "Young Girl Blues" since the "Three Lock Box" tour. There's a whole generation out there that have never heard you play this. See you in Tahoe this summer.

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I had a Sammy retro day on Saturday 5/28 and played, Nine on a Ten Scale, Musical Chair, Red, Loud & Clear, Street Machine,
Danger Zone and VOA...

Today, I will continue with the set list of other albums.

Thanks Sammy for all the music you have touched us with.