Mr. Cabo Wabo

January 13, 2014 by sammyhagar
Mr. Cabo Wabo

Mr. Cabo Wabo and a couple of his buddies were the first guys to wear red wigs and call themselves Redheads in the early days in Cabo and at shows I've done around the country. He will be missed.

He is also one of the only people that ever drank the whole drink menu at the Cabo Wabo, but he did pass out and had to be rolled out! He was a very Big guy.

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karen brazelton's picture

I agree Sammy always recognizes his true redheads no matter where you see him. Peace, love, happiness cabowaboqueen (Karen)

sglass5150's picture

When/Where is the NW Redhead gathering in March?

sglass5150's picture

When/Where is the NW Redhead gathering in March?

Redrockcandy's picture

Jim was the ultimate REDHEAD ! We will be doing shots in honor of him at our 13th Annual NW Redheads bash in Oregon this March. RIP Mr. Cabowabo

tucsonredrocker's picture

I started going to Cabo in the mid-nineties and he was a regular at the bday bash back then...So sad to hear this news....

cabo_carrie's picture

So sad to hear this news - I remember him! Thank you for sharing

BogusOtis's picture

I must add something.
Martin Garcia aka Chickletboy was the first Redhead to wear a red wig. All the rest copied off of him. Including Mr. Cabo Wabo.

BogusOtis's picture

Thanks to whomever put this pic up. I think this would have really made him proud.

Mashagar's picture

I didn't know him but if he was a Sammy fan then he was a friend. sad to hear the news...

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Very sad to lose another long time true RedHead! He will be missed!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo guy"

Caboraybo's picture

Well Said Bogus

Chickletboy's picture

Lots of great memories. He will be missed.

Caboraybo's picture

Wow..That's Awesome
Just Another Reason Why We Love Sammy

In The Last Couple Of Years
The REDheads Have Lost Some GREAT Friends
But They Will Always Live On
In Our Hearts & Memories

REDheads F**king Rule !!

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I posted a pic of Sammy & Mr. Cabo Wabo (Jim Goodwin) in fan photos..
Sammy's webmaster please post this pic with Sammy's note on the main news page where Sammy posted about Mr. Cabo Wabo.

BogusOtis's picture

A Picture of Sammy and Mr. Cabo Wabo (Jim Goodwin) would go great with this. Somebody send them a pic of them.
This is why I am a Redhead. Sammy never forgets his own. This touched my heart. Thanks Sammy for Caring.
Bogus :)