Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine

July 17, 2015 by sammyhagar
Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine
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(Thu Jul 16) I'm about to go onstage in Walker, MN for Moondance Jam.... at a bar on the venue property that holds only 500 people like the Cabo Wabo. The festival got rained out completely. Three day annual fesitval, 10 thousand campers, 30,000 people. Torrential rain, flooding everywhere, electronics underwater. A real mess, looked like Woodstock...

No one played on the big stage, but we wanted to play and so we're going to play. We noticed these lights coming out of a building at the back of the festival ground and say, "What's that?" Promoter explained it was their biggest bar on the property, and we say "Let's go, I want to play for those people".  Completely by the seat of our pants; the band gave them a fantastic rocking performance that they'll all remember. It was Cabo Wabo style all the way baby! Just like from the Cantina. 

It went F------ great & they sold out of rum!!!! There were thousands outside the venue was PACKED!! And rocking like the best of Cabo.  Big score. 

Ps. Long day I'm cooked  -Sammy

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Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine
Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine
Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine
Moondance Jam: Rain or Shine

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jamiespry's picture

Thank you Sammy and crew for an amazing night at Moondance. Still a little bummed that I scored meet and greet passes only to not have it happen. But your performance in the Moondance Saloon was the coolest thing I have experienced in the 7 Moondance Jams I've attended.

Oh and thank you Michael Anthony for the bottle of tequila I was handed at the end of the show! It was shared with many jammers, but saved a little as a memento!

You are awesome Sammy, thanks for a great night!

aznyredhead's picture

And that's why we love you guys!!!

micha's picture

I was there and I wasn't going to let hell or high water stop me from seeing the show. Thank you Sammy for being such a down to earth guy and doing what you did. It was great to experience it all in such an small setting. You rock.

craig@moondance's picture

What a trooper, he was going to play no matter what. It was a night to remember for all those lucky enough to be there, a once in a lifetime rock and roll experience. A Moondance Jam Big Thanks to Sammy, Mike, Vic, and Bro!

music69's picture

Everything about this is just AWESOME!! Sammy you're just amazing. Glad you boys got to play and finish the night rockin!!

Wabos24's picture

A true man of the people that has amazing passion for his craft!! This is another example of why Sammy is the BEST OF ALL TIME!!! See you in Cabo!!