Montrose 42 Year Anniversary

October 19, 2015 by sammyhagar
Montrose 42 Year Anniversary

Making this record was such a great experience! It was my first time in the studio with a great producer like Ted Templeman, Ronnie Montrose, Bill Church, and Denny Carmassi - the chemistry was second to none! I remember singing  Bad Motor Scooter after I went to the dentist to have two wisdom teeth pulled, I was knocked out, had the teeth pulled then went straight back to the studio and sang it with bloody gums in the back of my mouth -- wow I was driven!

The first songs I ever wrote in my life were Bad Motor Scooter & Make It Last, both making the record. It was a very big important experience for me, the whole Montrose thing, I learned everything about going on the road, writing rock 'n' roll songs, being a rock 'n' roll star and singing in the studio.

All things I take for granted now, but that was the beginning of very exciting times, the only sad thing about the whole experience is what happened with Ronnie. If you were alive today, Bill Church, Denny Carmassi, and myself could do some great little Reunion shows around the world an keep that legend alive. 

Enjoy those eight rocking tunes my friends they are full of heart soul and fire.

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Obviously Ronnie was loved - thatnks for sharing....we all lose our wisdoms!

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Love BMS - own that album, but haven't played in forever , Sounds like I need to dust off my copy and break out the turntable to check out the other track - is it worth the dig or should I just break down and buy off of itunes?

Love you!


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Great music! Great memories...still making them. Thank you.

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I was in high school when I first heard this album, it was great then and greater now. Happy anniversary Montrose, and to Ronnie in heaven rock on.