Met up with John Mellencamp for Rock & Roll Road Trip

July 19, 2016 by sammyhagar
Met up with John Mellencamp for Rock & Roll Road Trip
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Just filmed Rock 'n' roll road trip with John Mellencamp. One of my favorite interviews in my life. John is the real deal. It was really great, him and I hit it off even better than I expected.

I've always been a fan, I knew him and I could connect on some soulful level and we did. We played a song which is an old blues folksong called "Delia". No rehearsal or anything so it was raw, rough, and ready, but very cool song.

He's a fantastic artist/painter - he had a collection of work that I went through every piece and chose one called "Puppet". He insisted on giving it to me, but I am writing a check to Farm Aid or some other charity of his choice for the painting. It will be put up on display in my restaurants one month at a time before it goes in my home.

All I can say is John is the real deal, he's an uncompromising artist and has been for a long time and has good reason, heart, and soul behind it. I truly believe and hope we will be friends for a long time after today. I never got close to him before only met a couple times once at Farm Aid in '85 which we had a good laugh about my live shout out to 70,000+ in attendance "here's a song for all you tractor pullin motherfuckers". Ouch. It was on Live TV, live radio all over the country right before I played 55.

Hopefully John will invite me be back to Farm Aid next year and let me redeem myself. He's a good man. Very special show for sure. - Sammy

Stay tuned for the 2nd Season of "Rock & Roll Road Trip" on AXS TV coming early 2017!

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Met up with John Mellencamp for Rock & Roll Road Trip
Met up with John Mellencamp for Rock & Roll Road Trip
Met up with John Mellencamp for Rock & Roll Road Trip

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JDCH5150's picture

You know, Sam, if you really want to make it up to John, maybe you could show up with that guy with the striped red, white and black guitar and jam out a few songs.

music69's picture

This just makes me so happy. You both are the real deal to me. Sammy I really hope you play Farm Aid again, because I'll be there, for sure!! And how great it would be to have John be a guest in Cabo too!! Hint hint! And I better be lucky enough to see it too! Ha! This really has to be a start of a new friendship. John insisted to give you a piece of his art and you being you donate for the art piece, for a charity of his choice. Love it! Glad you two hit it off, too cool!! I'm so thankful to have both of you and your amazing music in my life

byronstrak's picture

Can't wait! I've seen parallels in you two for a long time. From your genuine song writing to your generous big hearts. I'm sure you guys found a lot more commonalities during your visit too. This episode will be a highlight of next season for me. Thanks again for making this series to share such insight with your fans. I think I speak for all of us when I say, "We love it!"