Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!

July 04, 2012 by sammyhagar
Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
Proportions are key!
More images are available below.

I'm in Maui with Mark at the Sammy's Beach Bar Rum distillery! Some fans are stopping by the factory to stir up some mash themselves and sign a barrel and 6 months later it will be in the stores - I just love making Redheads part of the process - this rum is hand made, baby!

I have other rum news too!! Sammy's Beach Bar Rum is now in the following states distributor warehouses: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. If you ask your local retailer and bars and restraints etc to order it for you they can get it in a day or two. Let's go!!! Other states should be added shortly with all having product by mid July.

In states where booze is sold in State stores you will have to ask the state store near you to order it from the state and then the state will "special order" it from us.

Thanks for your patience and hope you love the rum as much as I do ---- Rock On!!!

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Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
Here I am stirring the mash makin' rum - who knew making rum was this much fun?
Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
Behind me is white rum in the barrels that has been aging for 6 months and soon to come to stores in the mainland!
Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
Here I am signing some of the bottles. We're adding more states to distribution this month.
Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
That's some fresh Rum!
Making rum in Hawaii, you can too!
Keep yours ears out for more info on how you can come and do a visit if you are in Hawaii!

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ChelaT's picture

Hi Sammy! My husband, Mick & I (Chela), are coming to Maui in December and would love to add a visit to the distillery. Could we get more info on how we could schedule a tour?

Much appreciate it!

Chela & Mick T.
San Diego, CA

Mandy Buck's picture

Thanks for the story of the rum, we just got back from CA so drank a bottle while there and purchased one to bring back to Texas, I rarely drink but love this rum, probably drank a couple of bottles in May at Cabo Wabo regrand opening. Also most of all thank for signing my husband's redrocker Chickenfoot guitar on Cinco de Mayo. Rock On!!! We love you AND YOUR BANDS AND THE RUM AND TEQUILLA!!!!

jewelishere's picture

Aloha! I just arrived Maui and am hoping to meet up with you to make some rum!

ktanton's picture

Thanks Doug - I will check it out

CaboWaboGuy's picture

Why wait until it get's to you?! Just go to
order up a bottle or two!
Doug aka "Cabo Wabo Guy"

ktanton's picture

Hey Sammy & Steve- I have been asking for it all over Texas - Austin, Dallas, Corpus still can't find it anywhere. Guess I am gonna have to come to Maui to get it...Can I order it directly from you guys???

I will keep asking till it arrives in Austin....

Patiently waiting in Texas....Love ya man..Rock on

jimbo4345's picture

Very cool Sammy!

Wish we could get that out here in DC, hope to taste it at the Bash this fall!! I have to settle for Cabo Wabo, and my own homebrew...

Just brewed an awesome "Red Rocker" red ale (like it or not you have a beer named after you in Maryland=) to celebrate my Father's Day gift from my wife and two boys--a brand new Gibson Les Paul Red Rocker signature! I'm learning how to play and couldn't have asked for a better fathers day gift! I'll put up a pic in my profile soon! Hoping to get you to sign the pick guard at the bash!

Happy 4th Red Rocker!


sheetszone's picture

Looks like I'll have smuggle some in from Illinois after the bottles I bring home with me from Maui. It really is great for sipping. Rock on!