Love, Peace and a Big Chickenfoot!

September 22, 2011 by sammyhagar
Love, Peace and a Big Chickenfoot!
Chickenfoot - Practice Jam 2011
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Hey Redheads-
Less than a week left until Chickenfoot III is released! I'm so excited to share this album with you in its entirety. Is it just me or is this taking forever! I've been getting lots of great feedback about the song-by-song podcasts and "The Making of Chickenfoot III" series we've been sending out and already have had people come up to me on the street and tell me how much they are enjoying them. Even my pal from the Dead, Mickey Hart, has a favorite song already! We have such a cool creative dynamic in the band and I'm glad that each song's story is able to be told.

And speaking of videos, thanks to all of you Redheads that sent in videos for the Columbus, OH contest. While I enjoyed seeing all of them there were two that caught really caught my attention and it was great being able to offer them Meet and Greet passes. Check out those videos when you get a chance. What a huge Redhead turnout! I always feel the love with you guys.

Only one more week until I get to release Chickenfoot III. You all have the live concert webcast on your calendars for the 27th right? Stayed tuned here for additional details.

Love, Peace and a big Chickenfoot!



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 7  Redhead Comments

KLRed's picture

Sammy, I love the song-by-song podcasts - to learn how each song was developed from the beginning, and see each song's story told. Please continue with these podcasts! Thoroughly enjoyed you on The Heavy Metal Show. You are always so upbeat, positive and happy. Stoked for Chickenfoot III! Any chance you can get STL on your tour? Pleasszee! Kristy

mj8ball1's picture

Sammy I was a great to see the video thanking you for giving back!! We all know how much you love to help sick children. Great for that RedHead to get a meet and greet with you!! See You In CABO!!!

me's picture

Thanks again Sammy....I had an awesome time at the show in Columbus, onstage even....and I brought a Sammy virgin...and let's just say she is now a Sammy WHORE!!! love are the man!!! Thanks for signing my tattoo for me..been waiting a few years for that,,,I love ya Sammy....Peace!!!

mitfletch66's picture

We had a great time on stage in C-bus!

azure.s's picture

Here's a huge virtual hug from this 'Foot Soldier!

keithking1's picture

I agree great concert!!! Sammy was in the zone. I can’t wait for the new Chicken foot Sammy Thanks again for coming to Columbus OH to finish out my summer. I hope to go to CABO next year for your Birthday bash. God Bless

mialtayl's picture

loved watching the videos... man I wish I would have sent one in. This was one of the most memorable shows I have ever seen. We had a blast in Columbus for my Big 40!!! Can't wait to see The Wabos again on tour and hopefully Chickenfoot.... Super pumped for next week when I get to jam the whole CD....