Let's make this Friday the 13th a lucky day for 'The Circle'

March 13, 2015 by sammyhagar
Let's make this Friday the 13th a lucky day for 'The Circle'

Sammy Hagar & The Circle: At Your Service

Hey Redheads, The Circle live has landed! I can't tell you how excited I am to share this live release from last year's tour with everyone. It's been my favorite setlist to play, covering Montrose, Solo Redrocker, Van Halen, Led Zepplin, & Chickenfoot AND it's live as mutha!! 

There hasnt been a live rock and roll album like this in years and I know you're gonna love it. I'm announcing it today to find out if we can make Friday the 13th the Circle's lucky day! Pre-orders are  starting early next week and we're giving away a free immediate download of "Poundcake" when you pre-order on iTunes. 

Pre-order now on iTunes!

For all of the details check out http://www.redrocker.com/discography/at-your-service



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 16 Redhead Comments

Nova Wabo's picture

Can't wait to get mine!

theresas003's picture

any news on presale password

bundy32's picture

Noticed u guys are back in stl on Aug 15 but it does not show it on the events list and presale starts tomorrow Mar 25 wondering what's up with that?

bundy32's picture

Noticed sammy back in stl on Aug 15 buts it's not on the events list and presale starts tomorrow Mar 25 wondering what's up

ryans055's picture

I was in Stl for the show. It rocked!! Can't wait to see you at the IL State Fair this year.

Sand322's picture

Saw them is Tahoe last September. It was one of the best Sammy shows I have ever seen (14 and counting).....great setlist in a great setting. Already jumped on the preorder. Can't wait.

VinceG's picture

Are there any plans for the actual CD to be carried anywhere as far as a national retailer, or will it only be available through redrocker.com?

naturalredhead's picture

Saw Sammy this past summer and was wondering if there is anywhere you can find where the songs were recorded? I'm very interested to know if any were from the show I was at.

music69's picture

Just pre ordered!! Omg what a tease just getting to listen to Poundcake. I will relisten to this everyday and who knows how many times a day. Brings back so many memories of 2014. What a year!! Can't wait for many more concerts in 2015!! The Circle is amazing an a blast to see!! ~ Ang

music69's picture

Oh yeah!! This is amazing!! Love The Circle. Sammy saw you guys at Rock The Park.. Empire Rockfest.. Artpark..and Vegas. So I can't wait to get this CD. Awesome!!

dons047's picture

I seen them in Detroit last july, looking forward to getting the live album. you rock Sammy !!!!!

admin's picture

Hi Ron - the physical release date is also May 19th. We've updated the discography page to make that more clear.

ron's picture

Physical release? The story only seems to mention an iTunes digital release. When and where will the physical release be available? Thanks! Looking forward to picking up the CD.

mils's picture

Saw the show at RockFest in Cadott last year!!!
Is it from one show or several? Anything from that show?

derekm027's picture

Can't wait for the new album! We saw you at the Empire Rockfest in Belleville you guys nailed it!!

Keep Rockin Sammy!! Hope you come back this summer - if not C U IN CABO!!!

Chef Cabo from Canada

redcabo7's picture

The Circle kicked it old school at Freedom Hill. Looking forward to this album. Keep rock and roll alive. Peace!