Last night Rum Bash Party!

August 26, 2012 by sammyhagar
Last night Rum Bash Party!
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Wow, what a great party in Vegas last night! Here it is 10am and I'm still laying in bed this morning - I almost bit off more than I could chew flying in from Orlando, filming two TV shows and partying with 250 Redheads. Luckily we had the rum to wash it down!

What I love about the beach rum parties we've been throwing is that I get a chance to mingle with the fans - lots of hugs and photos all around - it's kind of like a long, big meet & greet! It's different from when I play a concert and I can't spend time doing toasts and shots and getting our buzz on together. We're learning with you as we go how to throw these parties and I like it and want to do more! Unfortunately, we found out last minute that Nevada state law wouldn't let me mix and the serve the drinks so I had to oversee the bartenders making my custom rum concoctions. I wish they would have let us sell more tickets, but this was the first event at this brand new venue and they didn't know what capacity was. All in all, I am having a blast with you and it's a learning process how to throw these parties!

Looking forward to tonight at the VEGAS Rocks! Award Show - AXS TV will be broadcasting live and giving away my autographed guitar so tune in and check it out starting at 8pm PT (11pm ET).

PS: My favorite part of the night was seeing Mona play that upright bass that was bigger than her. It was a real hawaiian twist on the Wabos as we tore through "Fight For Your Right", "Red Voodoo", and "Cabowaboville" (hearing everyone sing along to that was a blast!)

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Last night Rum Bash Party!
Last night Rum Bash Party!
Last night Rum Bash Party!
Last night Rum Bash Party!

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Yeah You got it made Sammy. OH I know. You worked so HARD all your life for it. Unlike so many of the rest of us who have worked our asses off all our lives. Teachers, policemen, firefighters, parametics, nurses. But do THEY have your wealth? NO. I hope Kari drops you for a younger model and takes you for everything you`ve got.Am I bitter?? YES

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what a great night! This was so different from anything you have done and we loved it!!!

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Had a great time at the party Sammy! Thanks so much. The Hula Girls were great too! See you Oct. 7.

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The night was much fun..I think you should throw a Rum bash in ever state for all your fans... expecially in Texas.

Love ya in Austin

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Awesome indeed. Looking forward to Cabo in 40 days :-)