October 13, 2013 by sammyhagar

Can't wait for tonight's big closing bday bash show - this year has been intense with huge Redhead energy! I spent some time yesterday on the beach shooting a commercial for Sammy's Beach Bar Rum so keep an eye out for that!

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It was an awesome show !!!! My Son and I had had an amazing time !!!! Thank you for signing my Les Paul !!!!

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We had an awesome time at Birthday Bash night 4!! Keep rocking Sammy! Hope to see you in Cabo again next year.

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happy birthday Sammy, still sounding great. I wish I could have celebrated more with you, god knows I tried.i flew in from boston and tried to find tickets cuz I got shut out with the lottery so I stood in line 5 hours Friday and sunday night and finally got in for about 20 minutes of the show. it sounded great but I didn't see much. I did notice a lot of people all over town sporting two or three wrist bands though. good for them.

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Happy Birthday Sammy! Had a blast attending the Birthday Bash this year. Thanks to my wife and her friend I was able to go to all 4 shows this time. See you next year in Cabo!

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Happy 66th Sammy! Wish we could have been there!!!!!!!!!! At least We got to see ya in LasVegas at the Tiki party and the Minnesota State Fair! I will keep trying each year, but by God for your 70th and my 60th ( 10-8 ) I'm coming to Cabo no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! Love you! Sue

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Happy Birthday Sammy! Have a Rockin Day! Love YOU! xo

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Happy b-day Sammy hope you had a good time..........but then when don't you!!

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Nice Redhead Beads Sammy. I bet Dennis threw those up to you.Thanks Sam.