L.A. Wabo

March 22, 2013 by sammyhagar
L.A. Wabo
Sam the Ham
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I just peeked into the LA Wabo to check it out & wow, it looks fantastic! Food is slamming and the rum is in the house...yeeeeha!!! I can't be there, but pls enjoy the Redhead party tomorrow!

Webmaster note: For more info on the party tomorrow (3/23),  click here

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L.A. Wabo
Front of the LA Wabo
L.A. Wabo
L.A. Wabo
The Gang - Kari, me and Kama
L.A. Wabo
Getting ready for the party tomorrow
L.A. Wabo
Redheads in the house!

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Alecruff's picture

The enjoyment of the party is shown here with the help of these pictures. Nice pictures..!!


bob087's picture

Had lunch on Thursday and it was great!

Wish I could have stayed for the Party!