It Aint Me

September 06, 2016 by sammyhagar

“It has come to my attention that my name is falsely being associated with a memorial border wall.  I do not support, endorse or have any connection to this propaganda.” - Sammy


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You might be familiar with the name STEVEN W BLOOD JR of Thomasville, Georgia. He is the person behind this twitter/facebook page using BIKERS 4 TRUMP and is NOT part of the real group organized by Chris Cox (founder of Bikers For Trump 2016).

This entire #Bikers4Trump SCAM is using Trump supporters and those who may not know the real group is not even on Twitter! Steven is well known for his many past scams involving big names.

Read more here:

Thanks Sammy for coming out and exposing this scam going on... I really don't think there will ever be a wall, just another scam like the one in Huntsville, Alabama in 2011 after the deadly tornadoes when Steven came up with "STORM-AID" and was caught scamming Willie Nelson and Gretchen Wilson. Look it up!

Feel free to contact me for more info! I am @DaRogueReporter on Twitter.

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Sammy has always kept his politics to himself. So anytime I see an article like that, I'm sure it's bogus. Other musicians should follow Sammy's lead on politics. I listen to music to get away from that nonsense.

To all those going to his bash, have an awesome time. Hope to get back out there in 2017!

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Not even a legitimate News Organization.... Some Blogger with zero creditability!