The Island Opening in Roseville!

September 20, 2012 by sammyhagar
The Island Opening in Roseville!
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This past weekend opening up the Island (the new Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill) in Roseville was off the hook! There's nothing like getting the key to a city and having a day named after you anywhere in the world is fantastic! I love the charm and soul of the old part of downtown and being part of it. Plus, the restaurant looks and sounds phenomenal! We played a set to a thousand Redheads in the bar and out on the streets and it's the best sounding of all my live music venues. I love the way people are crowded around the stage and stairway - it really feels close and personal.

Next Saturday night (9/22), the Wabos featuring Night Ranger's Jeff Watson on Guitar and Jesse Bradman on lead vocals will be there and you have just gotta go check it out! The place feels more like an upscale Cabo Wabo than the normal Beach Bar & Grills and when the city's done with its revitalization plans, they intend for this area to be the town's living room. Well, then I got the ISLAND! This is for all the Redheads - we actually got our own island to come party on!

With over 100 redheads working there it is very friendly to any of you who pops in - Redheads rule! I'm really happy to give the fan jobs and I know you're all going to embrace the place.

So let's bring the party down to the Island - we'll supply the rum and the music - here we go again!

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The Island Opening in Roseville!
The Island Opening in Roseville!
Photo by Guy Kowarsh

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Sam mixes a tasty concoction for us at the Island.

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Hey there fellow Redheads! I hope you had a great time on Saturday, 9/15/12 at the kickin' celebration for Sammy's Rockin' Island Bar & Grill. Check out this story my weekend crew put together for CBS Sacramento. Wish you ALL could have been there!
Shawn -- CBS Sacramento
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Kath's picture

I traveled all the way from Portland Oregon to make the party. It was so worth the trip! So much fun to see Sammy & the Wabos play in such a great venue. Look forward to stopping in when ever I'm in the area. Thanks for such a fun event!

johnjulie05's picture

We were there! As a matter of fact we are in the crowd photo at the top of the page! Had a great time! We enjoyed the music and the people. Would have loved to try the food but will definately be back with out voucher to give it a taste! Love you Sammy! I posted one of my pictures from this in the event page.

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This is way too cool. Sammy your the best. Nice to hear that redheads that need jobs are getting them.

See you in Cabo.

DJ Dave's picture

Sweet!! I will be there Saturday in Roseville for my birthday!!
Let's party with the Wabos!

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Sammy, although I was out on the sidewalk, I still thought this was a very successful and fun event! I would loved to have tried the food that day but that's what my $75 voucher is gonna get me when I come back!!! Thank you for always thinking of the 'little people', your fans, who have cheered you on throughout your entire career! We love you and, I, for one, am thrilled to have one of your venues just a 3 hour drive from my place!! Now, what could be better??? Hmmm...maybe an Island in Monterey, perhaps? LOL! Look out! She's dreamin' again! ;D
Seriously...thank you! It was a great day and I'll be back for sure!!! You freakin' ROCK Sammy! Love you!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Redlove & Peace Forever!!!!


kiki's picture

I was one of the lucky ones to be inside right next to the stage..all I can say is what an amazing night. Loved seeing you with the Wabos! Can't wait to go back soon : )

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What a awesome time/show at the roseville party last saturday.A kickass Redrocking set indeed!!
Looking forward to visiting the new beach and bar grill often....Mas Beach Bar RUM!!!!

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I wish I'd been time!

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It was an honor to share that evening with you & 1000 other Redheads! Made some great new friends. I didn't want the night to end!! I was lucky enough to go inside, and it did sound great! Don't know how they did it, but acoustically it seems perfect. I'm going Saturday night, too! Can't wait!! It's so exciting to have a piece of Sammy so close to home. Thank you for choosing Roseville!! Love you Sammy!!

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Sounds like an awesome place.....somewhere new to add to the vacation list!!! :p