Happy New Year Redheads

January 28, 2011 by sammyhagar
Happy New Year Redheads
Happy New Years

Happy New Year Redheads,
Here we go again. Made any New Year's resolutions? I have. Mine is: Don't work so damn hard. Hello? Already blown that one. 1)Got my book coming out in March and I've gotta work on that. 2)The movie is almost ready so that's more work. 3)This year The Wabos will be in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Ohio, Tahoe of course. Oh, did I forget we will be in Mexico sometime in the fall? Working vacation there, amigo. And we are playing some place else, I can't remember, but I'll let you know. 4)Finally starting a Chickenfoot record this week. But I can't really call that work 'cause when Chad and Mike and Joe are around it's so damn good, so much fun, so soulful, basically playing the blues...it's good work when you can get it. When the Foot gets a track done we will put something on Chickenfoot.us, so check us out...


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07HUMMERH2's picture

Happy Holidays to you and your family ! Rock on.

azure.s's picture

Yay! Your to-do list gives me a lot to look forward to! :)
No New Year's resolutions for me anymore.... I'm so good it's disgusting.
I found out today SBBR is sold fifty miles from home, so I plan to pick up my first bottle this coming week, when I drive to the metropolis (Idaho Falls) to finish up my Christmas shopping. Looking forward to that first sip!
Happiness to you and yours!

sage5150's picture

i can see i m gonna drop big coins at th e sammy store

paul johnson's picture

Hey Sammy I am very excited about coushatta casino show,and even jubulent when i read my emails this morning because there was one from redrocker.com that said "congratulations" you have won 2 backstage passes for meet and greet before the show but unfortunately the sales dept.informed me that he posted the wrong event and that triggered the system to pick my name...he said it was a mistake...so disappointed.

johnj017's picture

how do you get entered for backstage pass drawing for tahoe

paul johnson's picture

Yeh,Sammy will be at Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder,La.on April 29th!!

markrory's picture

go to ticketmaster.com for general admission $75.00 tickets. no special password needed (it was redrocker). go to tickets here at redrocker for the $200 on stage tickets.
no early tickets are available so far... and people who have already put their tickets up for sale on those other sites for like $194 each for the $75 tickets - shame on you!!!!! We will be on the floor this year, both nites! So get ready to rock with Sammy and the Wabos! P.S. Go to Mona's site pinkvoodoo.com and she has a t-shirt ava!!!!! Lady Red Rose :)

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Bringing my BIG 40th birthday party to your birthday bash this fall!!! Never been there before and I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I hope I can get tickets! See you soon!

markrory's picture

We got our tickets and can't want for Cabo de Mayo in Tahoe. Redrocker is the word! See you at the elevator's Mona :)!
Mark and RoseMary aka lady red rose

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We hope to see you in Saint Louis!!!

KLRed's picture

Sam, pleaszzeee come to STL in 2011!!

carla1013's picture

Ohio? When? I didn't see anything posted yet.

StPeteRedHead's picture

I don't think you will ever slow down. Guess you are having too much fun to call it work! Be careful on the road and have a great year!

sage5150's picture

got 2 for biloxi/come to the real LA Sammy/Lower Alabama

me's picture

don't forget St Louis......love ya Sam

scottp093's picture

Yeah, me TOO !!!!!

CABOMIGHK's picture

Tahoe is the Cinco de Mayo date every year. Seen him for six years straight except the year he got sick.


mils's picture

no mention of las vegas?
we were really hoping for cinco de mayo in vegas! if no sammy in vegas, then we have to find someone else to see out in vegas(last week of apr. or first week of may). 20th anniv. roadtrip for the wife and i. minnesota to vegas. any help from the vegas area redheads would be great!!! i have found a few websites for concert info, but not finding anything good around that time. please help!!


drsquid's picture

COOL STUFF!!! BTW was Sammy in Kansas City Saturday night, 01/29/11? My daughter was out to dinner with some of her high school friends and of course she recognized him (or someone that looked an awful lot like him), and she introduced herself. He was awesome and took pics with all of the kids. Sounds like Sammy to me???!!!

nola5150's picture

Did I read correctly, LOUISIANA??? And here I thought Biloxi was gonna Kick A**!! BRING IT ON SAM! So excited for what awaits us all in 2011!!

carolynb093's picture

Can't wait for the Texas dates. Anywhere in Texas and we will be there. I am most excited about the book. I have been waiting a long time for it. i have already pre-ordered it. Chickenfoot will be great too. We love Sammy so much even our two year old knows his face and says" Sammy has wild hair.' Love you Sam. Can't wait to see you.

cindyh050's picture

hi Sammy,
thank you for the update, but I really, really hope you'll consider the detroit area for your add on for your tour. it'll be a long wait til oct, i'd love to see you & the wabos...or the foot before then! please keep us up here, in the northern reigon in mind.
Love ya, and a very happy new year to you!

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WOOHOO!!!! Sammy in Texas!!! Just make it Dallas/Fort Worth and we will be there... Happy New Year!!!

markrory's picture

Thank you for the update, Sammy. Seeing Tahoe and the Wabos coming for 'Cabo di Mayo' is very exciting. We can't wait for the dates to be posted so we can all rush for tickets, hotels, and some airfare!!!! So we Redheads are speculating May 6&7th... Are we right? Funatics get ready to Rock with the Wabo's(and maybe surprise guests like umm... Chickenfoot). See you at the elevators Mona! Mark and Lady Red Rose

daves095's picture

I can't wait for the book! Texas visit! Foot! See ya in the fall Face Down!

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happy new year Sammy. yes you are keeping busy for us redheads!! Hopefully the somewhere else will be your beach bar in A C !!!! Peace and Redlove, Rick

damien's picture

The foot should film the making of chickenfoot II and definitely release a DVD of it. Fans would love that!

I can't wait for Chickenfoot II

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DonO's picture

Me and Roxy will see ya in Tahoe!!!!

RIRedrocker's picture

SO much to look forward to!! Can't wait!! Thanks Sammy!!!

302_Boss_Chick's picture

2011 is gonna be HUGE!! Can't wait for another great year of everything RED!! LOVE YOU SAMMY!!♥



P.S. - hey add me as a friend already on here would ya? I been waiting forever!! ;-)