Happy Anniversary 'Danger Zone'!

June 21, 2022 by sammyhagar
Happy Anniversary 'Danger Zone'!

1979 my solo career was just getting off the ground. we toured nonstop from 1976-1985. 'Danger Zone' was a pretty cool record. as a writer I was trying to stretch out, and coming from all over the place from a ripping "Love or Money" with Neal Schon on guitar, to the trippy, artsy-fartsy "Danger Zone" title track. I had Steve Perry and Neal Schon, who had just finished the Journey record, hanging around and singing and playing on this record. it was my last Capitol record before I signed with Geffen Records and had my first platinum solo record. Bill the electric Church on bass, gotta love that guy. wow how the time flies.

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I took this photo @ Fresno State University in 1980. I have an updated version of this photo that looks even better;be sure to check it out!

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It’s always great to look back when you were young rockin the world