Happy 24th Anniversary, Red Voodoo!

March 23, 2023 by sammyhagar

Official music video for the anthemic "Mas Tequila" off 1999's "Red Voodoo", upscaled to 1080 to celebrate its 24th anniversary. 
"Red voodoo was kind of the beginning of it all for the lifestyle hard left turn I made leaving Van Halen. This song became the fastest number one song at rock radio at that time. Shooting this video during the birthday bash we just rolled the film 24/7 for about a week and of course the Redheads were having the time of their life knowing we were shooting a video for that album. That was one hell of a week in Cabo filming/playing/recording/photo shoots/the album cover – everything done that week. Fucking awesome, just looking at this video says it all" - Sammy
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