Hangout On Air!

September 25, 2013 by sammyhagar
Hangout On Air!
Photos by Arthur Rosato
More images are available below.

Was last night's Hangout On Air off the hook, or what??!

Mikey was tuned in sharing drinks from his pad down south, the Island in Roseville and the Tahoe Cabo Wabo were packed with fans in attendance, and a lot of great questions coming from the Redheads... c'mon! It was an online party for sure and I'm told you can still go check the video out today. Maybe this techie stuff isn't so bad after all! 


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Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!
Hangout On Air!

 3  Redhead Comments

lookcloselyart's picture

Sammy what did you think of my art the handwritten art - why did you want me to email it to you for?
have you checked out my other art on there?

David ( Blackpool ) in the UK

andym035's picture

What a great opportunity to interact with Sammy, Mikey and Aaron!! I really enjoyed watching the Q&A.

To the Admin folks, thanks for picking my question for Sammy! (it was about Sammy's favorite tunes to play on stage during this current tour). I also mentioned how I'm the guy Sammy poured a shot of Red Head Rum to in DC during 3 Lock Box!

Speaking of that Sammy, thanks again for that!! What an awesome experience!! I'll be making the hour and a half drive from South Jersey up to Red Bank, NJ on 10/22 for that show!!


sriley007's picture

Mikey, Bailey is a BadAss just like you Bro'. Sammy was right, his eye was wicked when you held him up to the camera!

eeprete's picture

We use the same webcam at work, Logitech. Good quality image. Very cool "hangout" on Google. Had a blast!