Halloween with Adam Levine

November 01, 2016 by sammyhagar
Halloween with Adam Levine
Adam as John Bonham
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Went to Adam's Halloween party last night. His guitar player and bass player dressed up like Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Adam was John Bonham and played drums. They all got up and did a Led Zeppelin set with Linda Perry singing lead...I came out for "Black Dog" - it was awesome!! About a 1,000 people or more in an old bar ballroom with a low ceiling, just like it was for early Zep. 

Santo was flowing the VIP area. Music didn't start until midnight so it was a late night with some amazing costumes! Happy Halloween!

- Sammy

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Halloween with Adam Levine
Adam's assistant as Edward Scissorhands
Halloween with Adam Levine
Maroon 5 dressed up as Led Zepplin
Halloween with Adam Levine
Moments before playing
Halloween with Adam Levine
Father, son & Holy Ghost say Happy Halloween

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Check out Sammys Santo Wabo Club on Facebook. Search it

We are a dedicated group and cant wait for the Santo to come out