Great Weekend for the Foot and Foot Soldiers!

May 09, 2016 by sammyhagar
Great Weekend for the Foot and Foot Soldiers!
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What a great weekend for the Foot and the Foot Soldiers. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the loyalty and understanding from the fans of what we/Chickenfoot stand for and represent in this big giant corporate world of music we all live in.

I thought the band was great both nights I would hate to try to choose one over the other. One of the highlights the first night was in Aveneda Revolution our opening song when the entire audience was singing the lyrics to a song that probably has never been played on the radio. My heart was touched and I knew we would be in for a fun ride from that moment on.

The surprise the second night was even though it was Mother's Day and a lot of people probably sacrificed something to be there, the intensity was the same as the first night. From the opening chords I sensed everyone was there for a higher purpose once again my heart was touched and we all went for it from the opening bell. I love this band and I love the fans we will do it every chance we get.

God bless and thank you. Sammy forever at your service. 


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Great Weekend for the Foot and Foot Soldiers!
Great Weekend for the Foot and Foot Soldiers!
Great Weekend for the Foot and Foot Soldiers!

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Harleymomma08's picture

Thank you Chickenfoot (Sammy, Joe, Chad & Mikey) for an awesome Mother's Day weekend. The shows were Epic. Chad's drum kit giveaway was classic...

Hope the rumors are wrong and you guys decide to tour later this year!

And to Joe (Smoke) thank you for signing my mini blue guitar and snapping a quick photo. You are a beautiful soul!



sitka islander's picture

Yes, wow, what a weekend! Thank you Chickenfoot! You guys really rocked it... Has there ever been more talent on a stage at once? Masters of the craft, all of you! Loved Saturday night but the Sunday show now stands as my all-time favorite. Watching this amazing show from the second row, center stage is something I'll never forget. I swapped out to the front row for the encore and did manage to avoid the shrapnel. Chad- you are an animal both behind the kit and in front, LOL. Thanks for sending the drumstick to my bud!

Thanks to my good friend for making the trip from the east coast and joining me again on yet another round of Cinqo de Tahoe! It's always a blast Bucky! And here's to all those great Redheads, both old and new friends that we spent time with over the weekend in the line and at the stage!

Sammy- I still want to hand deliver you and the band a couple of fresh caught SE Alaska king salmon for the Tahoe weekend but the timing never seems to work out for me. I would love to pay back some of the many great memories you have provided me and my friends over the years! We'll see if I can put one in the net early next May. Please invite Mikey, Joe and Chad again too!

irisheyes1962's picture

Thanks for such an amazing show!!! You guys rocked it. Best Mother's Day ever!!! :)