Great last night at Rockfest in Kansas City

June 04, 2017 by sammyhagar
Great last night at Rockfest in Kansas City
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The Circle killed it at the concert last night in St. Louis! There was a lot of St. Louis in the house with over 40,000 people singing and partying with the Circle! And that is after they had been out all day in hot and humid but still beautiful weather. I interviewed a lot of the artists at the fest for an episode of Rock & Roll Road Trip (stay tuned). Andrew Hagar a.k.a. Drew Hagus opened at 1:30 in the afternoon all by himself with an acoustic guitar and harmonica! Wow he went over great with the crowd. An impossible task, but well done sonny boy - on his birthday no less!

I interviewed Sully from Godsmack, Steven Percy from RATT, Zakk Wylde, Ed Roland from Collective Soul, some of the guys from POD, and maybe my new favorite band Halestorm who played right before us and killed it! I made them a handmade Santo Rita and delivered it personally and they loved it. I'm sure there is more to report, but I'm tired and had today off to heal. See you somewhere on this rock 'n' roll road trip! - Sammy

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Great last night at Rockfest in Kansas City
Great last night at Rockfest in Kansas City
Great last night at Rockfest in Kansas City

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I was right there with you!!!!! We waited 5 hours! Disappointed but still determined to meet Sammy someday. It was a great show!

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Was at Rockfest as well, sorry to hear you and many others weren't able to meet Sammy, we considered standing in line as well. Chose not to so we could see Collective Soul and Halestorm. On stage he mentioned he had been doing some taping for his Rock and Roll Road Trip for AXS-TV, so I'm going to guess that is why he was a no show.

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First and foremost.... this rock fest was NOT St Louis it was Kansas City!
So here's my Sammy/ Rockfest story.....
Just had to share...
My husband and I, and a friend and her husband went to Rockfest Kansas City 2017 for one main reason, and that was to see Sammy Hagar! We've rocked with him many times thru the last 30 years.... past Rockfest, sandstone...whenever we could! When we got into the event we went to check out the autograph schedule. When the lady told us that we could be first and second in line for Sammy, we looked at each other and said "hell YES"! He would not be signing until 7:00pm, 4 HOURS from that point. My friend had a banner that she had made 10+ years ago that he wore on stage for a time, that she wanted him to sign. And I have just always wanted to meet this amazing man, one of my lifetime idols!
So here we were....It was happening, after 30 years of rockin', and the long 4 hour wait in line, it was here! We were going to meet Sammy Hagar! They opened the gate, let us in.... Micheal Anthony! YES! Vic Johnson! YES! Jason Bonham! YES!
Sammy..... no Sammy.... Sammy's not coming! WHAAAATTT!!!! We were both broken-hearted! And the rest of the band had to face the public for the longest 30 minutes ever.
So here I sit 24 hours later, still mystified, why of all times, this time, he decided not to show for his signing. I'm sure there was good reason, we just can't think of it.
I will always love Sammy, and his shows.... stage, radio, and tv, but I will always be disappointed that things turned out this way.
Thanks for the Rock'n Roll of 30+ years!

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Actually it was in Kansas City....Great show. Festivals do not allow for a very long set but it rocked. Disappointed that Sammy himself did not do the autograph session with the rest of the band as advertised. Many disappointed Redheads who sat in line for up to two hours to see Sam, only to find out at autograph time that he wasn't coming.