Go There Once Be There Twice - US Preview

November 09, 2010 by sammyhagar
Go There Once Be There Twice - US Preview
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You may have heard, but I've been working on a documentary covering the history of my Birthday Bash, Cabo and the Cantina - Go There Once Be There Twice. Some of you caught a preview of it at this years Birthday Bash. For those of you who missed it we are happy to announce a preview of the film taking place this December the 11th at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. As usual, it's going to be a party, complete with margaritas, tacos, the Wabos and a few of my friends will there to celebrate too. We will have T- Shirts, Posters and a Toy drive "Guitar Picks for Presents", so bring a toy and get a pick! All proceeds go to our friends at Homeward Bound, Ritter Center and 142 Throckmorton Theatre Scholarship fund. Let's keep the party going...see you there.

For more information check out the event page: www.redrocker.com/events/2010-12-11/throckmorton-theatre

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Sounds like this will be a blast.. We've got our tickets and can't wait for this one... Great time and helping out the community what else could you ask for.. Thanks SAMMY!!!

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I scored my ticket and I can't wait! ☺

Yeah, it was worded a bit odd in this article here. The poster itself says, "Sammy & The Wabos & Friends" and since it IS going to be happening right in his neighborhood, I don't see how he could NOT attend! This is a HUGE thing! We've all been waiting for YEARS now to see the sequel to "The Long Road To Cabo"!
Leave it to Sammy to keep bringing us the stuff we all ask for and for sharing his world and his love with us!
♥ ♥ ♥ THANK YOU SAMMY!!! We love you too!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

I really do love that little 142 Throckmorton Theater (and Sammy must too, cause they used it for his Halloween party!) and I dig the fact they are having *ALL* of the money from this event go to theater arts programs they do there, as well as the other two orgs., Homeward Bound Of Marin and Ritter Center.

This night is going to be one for the books!

Redloves! ♥


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Apparently these tickets went on sale TODAY at 11am through Throckmorton....


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Is Sammy going to be at this event? It seems like it is the Wabos and Sammys friends but not Sammy?

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Last thing I heard is they're shooting for a late Sping release.

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Last I have heard, they are supposed to be going into the studio at the end of January to fininsh up the second album, but as far as any release date, nothing that I've herad...have to wait for JoJo to finish touring, and I think for Chad to get some free time before he's committed to RHCP for the rest of the year. Yeah, I'm champin' at the bit too my fellow Chickenhead, good thing I NEVER get tired of the current stuff!



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Hey, fellow red heads! What's the word on new material from CHICKENFOOT? I've heard rumors and I,m biting at the bit!

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yeah...what she said!!

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We were also fortunate to see the preview. Thanks for the invite Sammy! Looking forward to your book coming out soon (I hope) and looking more forward to the book signing...wherever that might be :)

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My wife and I was very fortunate to see the very first showing of "Go There Once Be There Twice" at the Cabo Wabo Cantina on Oct. 10 during Sammy's week long Birthday Bash in Cabo San Lucas,Thanks Sammy from B&B Adventures,Kaplan,La.

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Stop teasing us!! Need DVD NOW!!!

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Sure wish we could make this! Sounds like this will be a fantastic time and the money goes to a great cause...win - win for everyone!! Saw the preview of the movie in Cabo and it's awesome!! I'd love a t-shirt from this event if anyone wouldn't mind picking me up one, let me know please :) Thanks!!