Fans of the Orange County/LA, California Area!

May 22, 2014 by sammyhagar

I love my fans so much, and God knows I really love the fans brave enough to rock my crazy look in order to be a Hagar "look alike", but unfortunately we are hearing reports about a guy in your area that is taking being a "Sammy Hagar look alike" across the line, and if those reports are true, we are not endorsing this at all and want to warn fans. There is a man who we understand is actually telling people he IS Sammy Hagar, and while impersonating me he may be posing for pictures, taking items and services from local business owners and not paying for them, and worse, he may be duping women into being with him in an intimate way. Please be safe, and please know the real Sammy Hagar cannot be in the Orange/LA area that often, and when he is he will likely be with Kari, his wife!

I love the idea that fans who own restaurants and bars might want to give me a drink or have me try a dish off the menu as a gift, but it is not cool if this guy is pretending to be me in order to take things and not pay for them. We have notified the local Police Department with the information we have received in the past regarding the instances of impersonation and potential fraud, and officers have been in contact with this individual to ask him to either stop or not engage in any potentially fraudulent act. Our fine folks in blue can only do so much to stop crimes, so please watch out for yourself. One sure way to tell him and me apart is I am no longer in my late 30's or even my 40's anymore! LOL!

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It all started out as a bet at the bar. I've had more fun than you could imagine "rockin the look". Hell, I've been told it makes me look younger AND my old lady loves it. Added pisses my boss off! A true fan would never do what this guy is doing. He can not be a fan. He's simply just a DOUCHE.

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Who's the original naked cowboy?