Emeril's Gang, Lefty Lucy& BDay Bash Tix Registration

July 23, 2012 by sammyhagar
Emeril's Gang, Lefty Lucy& BDay Bash Tix Registration
Cooking with Emeril's gang at "Keep Memory Alive" benefit
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Just back from Tahoe and a great benefit for Larry Ruvo's "Keep Memory Alive" program for fighting Alzheimer's - had a blast cooking with Emeril and his crew and jamming with the Atlantic City Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill house band Lefty Lucy. Also in the house were other supporters Robin Wiliams, Ray Romano and others.

Other big news is that registration just opened up for this year's Birthday Bash Tickets! It's going to be another bash for the record books and you won't wanna miss it - you have all week to enter so get the info over at http://bdaybashtickets.redrocker.com/

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Emeril's Gang, Lefty Lucy& BDay Bash Tix Registration
Jamming with Lefty Lucy- the house band from Atlantic City Sammy's Beach Bar & Grill
Emeril's Gang, Lefty Lucy& BDay Bash Tix Registration
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I will not be attending the Birthday bash, I own a timeshare at Casa Dorado (aka Hilton), this is a 5 star facility. It has a private beach you can actually swim in. My place has a kitchen area for cooking, fridge, microwave. You will have an ocean view and because I am an owner you get 20% off food and beverages. Book this room thru the Hilton you will pay around $225.00 per night. My reservations are from 10/6/2012 thru 10/13/2012. I am selling this reservation of Seven nights for $700.00, I can give references from other redheads that have rented in the past. I can also forward pics of the property if you send me an email address. Hope you got tickets and have fun..


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People.... there is still the option for lining up for dinner/show tickets so I don't get the bitching. How can they do this and make everyone happy?

We had 5 people reg for all four shows and only had 3 of the 20 chances get through. So for the 5 of us we have two tickets to show 2 and 4 to show 3...

So its dinner line for the rest of our group.

Look worse case...is we are hanging in Cabo having a good time!


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Way to go Sammy & friends! Yes dementia will likely affect all of us in one way or another, so good on you for getting some money to that great cause. My Mom-in-law was diagnosed with dementia last year at 73 yrs old, she's been OK till now, quit eating & lost so much weight, we're looking for a place for her now, while her husband of over 50 years is still the stubborn old guy we all love. So great to hear that people are now aware of this disease with no cure (yet). Maybe one day there will be a simple vaccine or medicine to take & rid ourselves of this debilitating disease.
Rock on Sammy!
See U N Cabo!

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Sammy, you not only continue to amaze me with your amazing musical and vocal excellence as an entertainer, but all the more so with your philantropic endeavors. You are a person who has a warm heart and who doesn't hesitate for a second to give back to those in need. I applaud you and I'm in awe of your human empathy.

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Looks like a great time for a great cause. My brother has early onset Alzheimers and my older sons and I have been taking care of him for the last few years - it's a joy and a challenge at times but can't imagine him not in our lives or putting him in a home - he still has way too much to give. He was diagnoised at 58 very sad but he's holding steady. Events like these are great and bring real attention to this disease. Thanks for supporting.....