Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!

November 05, 2012 by sammyhagar
Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Chef Chris Wilson and I share how
we feel about Emeril
More images are available below.

What a weekend in New Orleans with Emeril and his foundation raising money for kids!

Couldn't be prouder -- for the 7th year in a row, the Birthday Bash weekend with me and Emeril brought in the highest bidders for the Carnival du Vin auction! We've raised more than $1 million with this package already. Watch out for next year's auction - we're going to reinvent it! Emeril's foundation does incredible work and it's always an honor and a blast to be part of it.

Great to see old friends (see photos of Tyler and Mario), plus new, including Janee Taylor who has become a rising star in Emeril's kitchen through her summer internship (makes me proud to provide her scholarship through The Hagar Family Foundation). Based on what I tasted you'll all know her cooking soon. Good stuff !

The Beach Bar Rum was also out in force and Emeril spread SBBR tents throughout the casual Boudin & Beer and the black tie Carnival du Vin events. Emeril & chef Chris also came up with some killer rum cocktails that I hope to share with you soon.

We love you, Emeril!

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Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Janee Taylor, rising star
& Hagar Family Foundation
scholarship recipient.
Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Tyler Florence of El
Paseo in Mill Valley
cooked a course at
Carnival du Vin
Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Mario Batali in the house!
(Emeril peeking through)
Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Me 'n Kari
Emeril's Boudin & Beer + Carnival du Vin!
Carnival du Vin:
flappers included!

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51504sam's picture

OK Sam, I know you don't read this shit, but what the hell anyway! I am a huge fan, and I live in NOLA. Shit brother, hit me up next time ur in town, shrimp boil, gumbo, what ever U want, I'm cooking. U bring the Tequila, HAH!

Ricky B.

Korndognuts's picture

Had the best birthday ever this year on 11/3/12 and to top it off when my Wife and I checked in to the Hilton in New Orleans I saw Sammy in the elevator. Was so surprised I couldn't do anything but say his name and wave. Sammy if you are reading this THANKS for making my day great!!