In Defense of Mikey...

June 19, 2015 by sammyhagar

During an interview with Sammy someone read what Eddie said about Mikey in Billboard and here’s Sammy's spontaneous response that he wanted to share in defense of his brother.

Original Billboard article:

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Micheal Anthony has been out of Van halen for 9 years. For him to go after Micheal Anthony after that amount of time ,just makes him look small. He must felt he had to lash out because he was hearing what most people have been saying, that Van Halen doesn't sound the same with out Micheal Anthony and that ChickenFoot sounds more like Van Halen than Van Halen.

Saw Sammy Hagar and the Circle at Summerfest this year, what an awesome show and the Led Zeppelin tunes were a real treat.

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Well said Sammy! Eddie knows he doesn't have shit anymore. You and Mikey keep doing what you are doing and continue to put on KICK-ASS shows!!! Screw VH!!!!!

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There's a reason why Van Halen still sounded like Van Halen when DLR left and Sammy came on board. It wasn't Eddie's guitar playing. It wasn't Alex's drumming. The sound of the music changed, the style changed, the vocals of course changed and got 100 times better! What was the common denominator? Michael Anthony's bass playing and backing vocals. Those that actually know music, know that EVH is full of shit. Thank you Sammy for having the balls and the platform to set the record straight! See you at Moondance!

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i'm glad someone else feels the same way i do about this Van Halen Group the band doe's not even sound good anymore there new bassist is funny my 12 yr old can jam better then this kid i mean were in the hell did he come from david lee roth's family Van Halen has no band anymore you need a singer and a bassist to have a band and they don't have neither.Keep On ROCKIN Sammy....happy birthday mikey

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Well done Sammy!

Eddie is washed up and finished - he has nothing better to do than to put down other people with lies and stories only to try and make himself feel and look better - kind of reminds me of a family member I have and have cut off all ties with because of such nonsense - they just learned some very valuable lessons and are now sitting on the outside!

Mikey - met you many times - your are a very kind and genuine person and one hell of a musician!!!

Keep rocking guys and see ya in Cabo!

Chef Cabo

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Well said Sammy what a sad little man Eddie has become!
Now come on time to come over to England to play bring uncle Ted Nugent with you and set fire to London Town!

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I agree with Sammy, Michael is in the top 5 bass players of all time. Also let's not forget the harmonizing backing vocals of Mikey. This is a shout out to Michael Anthony, you are the man. Keep rocking.

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Sammy don't sugar coat it or anything.....LOL

As a Redhead, I have always thought Sammy is the most forward up standing ROCK STAR in the biz....Most everyone else is so wrapped up in their selves they don't give a fuck for no one else!!! just plane self centered...
I got a feeling if Sammy got told some kind of bullshit about Ed, or Alex that Sam knew it to be a lie, he would got to bat for them just the same..... I feel Sam is just that way, tells it like it is and don't feed someone some bullshit!!!!!

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AM their with you fuk eddies immature attitude he's pissed cause he got screwed with the record deal..... so anything to do with the fans hearing Van Halen's music Eddie Van
Halen wants to control. I was there in Madison, WI when they rock the place down. Rail open the show some can.t says this but was lucky enough to get into the radission hotel and party all night.2 firkin floors of people gone bucket list would appreciate to meet you Sam(Summer Fest 2015 July 4th) first time I heard you was with Montrose in Milwaukee, WI believe that was the Jump on it album the place was smoked. rock on! lippy

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Sammy you are a loyal friend ! I know if you have to call out
Eddie on his Bullshit then it is nothing but the truth. Mikey
is one of the best Bass players in the World, On top of which I have never seen him with out a big Smile on his face playing his heart out. I loved every second of it. TRUTH BE TOLD.
Peace, Love & Happiness,
Cindy bear
p.s. Are we having any fun yet. LMAO in your face Eddie.

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sammmy,eds fried,forget him ,ill blow him away,im the guy that can do it, eddies all smoke and mirrors,hes finished,call me lets have some tequila and jam,im the real deal ,i understand everyone has lost faith in a new guitar hero rising,give me a shot,its my destiny youtube saint7370

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Sammy's a good friend to have in your corner. Mikey is a BMF.