The Dead and John Mayer

September 30, 2015 by sammyhagar
The Dead and John Mayer
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Ran into these guys today!! Looking forward to jamming Loose Lucy with that lineup. Was great meeting John Mayer - I'm a big fan and as expected he was very cool. I admire his guitar skills and ability to play sophisticated rhythm, chord changes, & countermelody. Him and Dave Matthews are both genius at that.

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The Dead and John Mayer

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Oh really .? Its mean John Mayer good man by nature. and i think you too a great person because you share with us your feeling about John Mayer.
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Living in Trumbull, Connecticut, it was big news when John first hit the scene. He grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut, which is right next to Trumbull, so the support for John was big in the area. We all love his music around here, but I was blown away by his guitar solos the first time he played at the Crossroads Guitar Festival. Wicked skills that don't show up so much on his albums. His idol and influence was Stevie Ray Vaughan and you can here some of SRV's style when he's jamming.. Would be a treat to see you and John perform together.

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