'Crazy Times' Listening Party

September 30, 2022 by sammyhagar
'Crazy Times' Listening Party
"Finally here it is. I can't wait for everyone to hear this record. I can't remember being this excited about a record coming out since '5150' or the first Chickenfoot record. Please listen first time, beginning to end while studying the cover art. I hope you feel & hear the pure Heart, Mind, Body & Soul of this record. it's truly a 3 lock box pulled from the deep of these crazy times, that we all have found ourselves in." -Sammy

Thank you to everyone who tuned into the 'Crazy Times' listening party!

Here are some questions and answers from the event:

Kyle P. and Lucy ask: “What song are you the most proud of on the new album?”
Answer: Father Time and Childhoods End. Too hard to pick one.
Sydney Z. asks “What’s your favorite detail in the album artwork?”
Answer: That silly old naked man in the middle of Times Square - hahaha!
Jason B asks: “Compared to the last album, how was the experience in studio creating this album? Do all 4 members feel that the group works together in the same way as when you started doing studio work? Or has something changed?”
Answer: Got to know each other as musicians by playing so many live shows over the years. It made it much easier to communicate musically between the 4 band members. And Dave Cobb provided the quarks (look it up!) that made it all come together!
Karen asks: “I love love the “no shoes no shirt, but definitely problems” concept of a Tarzan-ish sammyhagar on the cover. Who’s idea was that??"
Hahaha - my art director Todd Gallopo and photographer Leah Steiger. It didn’t take much convincing  to get my clothes off, haha!
Erika F. asks: Tell us about one of your “crazy times”. Either on the road or just in life. 
Getting honked and yelled at while driving my car alone on the freeway in California without a mask. That showed me the Crazy Times we were in.
Smitty D. asks: Is this all recently written material or has any of it been kickin around for a while?
Father Time was written 4 years ago and Funky Feng Shui started during the Lockdown Sessions– the rest of the record was current.
Jake R. asks: Which tracks are you most excited to start playing live?
We’ve already been playing Funky Feng Shui and Crazy Times. I’m looking forward to putting an epic arrangement to Childhoods End. I want to take that song beyond the recording and create a centerpiece to the live show.
George L. asks: What drink would you pair with this album?
A batch of Santo margaritas… maybe I’ll join you!
Jeremy H. asks: Can you describe working with Dave Cobb in just one word?
In just one word? NO. 
Srkeylon1013 asks: “Are there any songs you had a hard time choosing between to make it to the album? Were you torn?”
Yes. The extra track I co-wrote with Tambo (the same guy that co-wrote "Be Still") became an extra track with some of the versions of the album – it's called "2120" almost became the title track! I love this song.
Stream/buy 'Crazy Times' here: https://sammyhagar.lnk.to/CrazyTimesWE
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I was on the call with Steve and you all....I very much enjoyed the relaxed environment that Sammy & Mikey proivided us and it was a terrific learning experence about the album and some rock history included.

I absolutely love SAMMY & THE CIRCLE and I will continue to go to shows until I lam up in Heaven. Hopefully a ways off as I am 63! Most of you REDHEADS probably know my best pal
Chris Heathcoat whom is a terrific guy and knows his Rock N Roll to boot.

I look forward to meeting you all and have a great Holiday season.....

Best RockinRonnie of Scottsdale formerly Chico, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Manila an now AZ