Costa Rica Trip!

August 02, 2013 by sammyhagar
Costa Rica Trip!
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Hey Redheads!

Just wanted to share some family photos from our vacation in Costa Rica. We flew down for around a week and had a blast!

If you're planning on heading to Costa Rica, don't miss the volcano area near town of Arenal.
Our hotel "The Springs Resort and Spa" was amazing and not too expensive! The hot springs were well worth the trip and there were a million things to do and see all on the property. Not to mention they now have Sammy's Beach Bar rum! Ha!

Check the spot out at

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Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
Costa Rica Trip!
We had some unreal coffee education and tasting through my pals at Equator my fav coffee spot in Marin. Yum!

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otilin's picture

The last year I searched for Honolulu sightseeing tours only because you had a concert there, unfortunately I had to finish a project at work and could not make it. Costa Rica is a very nice location, my wife was there on a vacation with our kids and they loved it, hopefully I will go there soon.

Blaze's picture

Hey Sammy; What happened to your Muuustash? Lookin good bro. see ya in Cabo...

Mas Tequila

FDIC 2013 Peace and Love Bro

Later Jeff

leslieannw007's picture

Hey Sammy.... looks like you had great vac. Can't wait to see you in Chicago on the 23rd. We will be front row center! Can't wait to party like a rocker in Cabo on the 9th with U! We love you! Peace!

CaboSinn's picture

Ah come on - where is the photo of Sammy going down the water slide into the pool skipping across the water / that ride is a blast! Pura Vida!

Gemlab's picture

Hi Sammy
Great pics, we were there two years ago and had a great time too.
Check out my pictures on FB
Frank kiss
See you in Cabo 10/9/13

vanrice's picture

Great Pics Sammy! We love travelling to Costa Rica and recognize the area in some of the photos. It's one of our favorite destinations, along with Cabo of course! Pura Vida!

kcrules69's picture

Sammy: Awesome looking pictures. See You in Cabo for the
birthday bash..