The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!

May 04, 2015 by sammyhagar
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Resting after husking coconuts on the beach
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Hey Redheads, Sammy here - The Circle just came off the first leg of the shows we're doing this year and I can't believe how great it went, it feels like we've been together for years. Well, I guess in some ways we have haha!  

Puerto Rico was really a trip because we've never played there. Mikey and I only played there once on the VH reunion tour and all the fans were super excited, really into it , gave it up big-time. I must admit the acoustic version of dreams is one of the best feelings I've ever felt from an audience everyone singing every word at the top of their lungs - it was awesome. Then came Orlando, I felt that crowd so high energy they wore me out, really great show. Then came Clearwater, which was the first show to sell out. Haven't played there in ages and it was really great; that room sounds like a recording. On-stage it made the band really tighten up and play well. Definitely got to get back there more often. Then Summerfest West Palm with a bunch of other bands was really a cool gig. I didn't expect it to be what it was - turned out to be packed with 10,000 rockers many of which I felt probably never saw this band play before, but gave it up with three strong encores (don't get much better than that). 

We flew out that night after the show to Charlotte, NC because I wanted to test drive this car that my friend Sandy Hall, a famous Baja racer, has been working on for a long time when he first told me the idea of a three wheeler trike with a lot of horsepower that handles like a slot car I thought, "He just had a good dream", but the man has pulled it off (check out Tanom Motors). First time I got to drive one ever and it was unbelievable we rented a little track outside of Charlotte. He had four Invaders there, one of them was my Red Rocker version which will be a limited-edition of 55 trikes and comes with a signed Les Paul and a few other goodies. It's very well appointed with my style, from the interior to wheels to paint job etc. I will let you know when it's available. But the car was a monster, it was a little rocketship with three wheels, best way I can put it.  Just when the four of us were really getting used to the way the car handled and the type of powered we were dealing with, it started to rain. Thank God, otherwise we probably wouldn't have made the show the next night.

Carolina Rebellion here we come in full Circle mode!!! We were stuffed between Marilyn Manson and Korn!!!! The whole show was mostly goth rock throughout the whole week except for Cheap Trick and us which were separated by a lotta heavy modern metal. Standing backstage listening to some of them bands made me a bit nervous with our type of material being so old-school classic rock but when we hit the stage brother the place started coming together little by little. 45,000 people start gathering around our stage within 20 minutes we are playing to the whole place - it was awesome, people got into it and the band was as good we've been to date. We got a huge encore which was surprising, the promoter let us play a little extra very cool love that show. Very proud of The Circle, I will play anytime anyplace anywhere with this band!!!! 

Last but not least, we filmed everything from the cars to leaving West Palm on the airplane all night with our buzz on pretty heavy I'm sure the footage is going to be a little bit scary to you that don't roll with us after hours ha ha Mikey and I gave you a glimpse into our little private world of fun. 

We also filmed the Rebellion show and hanging out backstage, warm-up routine, etc. for my upcoming AXS TV show called "Sammy Hagar's Rock 'n Roll Road Trip". The concept is that I go to people's hometown and interview them, jam with them etc., or you go with me on a rock 'n roll road trip and see my routine. I can't tell you when it's going to start being shown yet, but I will keep you up and current. So far I've interviewed Tommy Lee and jammed with him and Mikey at Tommy's house, walking the Sunset strip etc.

I've also filmed with Mickey Hart and Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead in the San Francisco area, along with Jerry Harrison of the Talking Heads, a neighbor of mine in Marin.  Going out do the girls from Heart in Seattle with a couple more Seattle bands to round that one out next. And many more to come! 

I just want to say I love my life. I love my job. I love my family. I love my band. I love my Rum, my music and more than you know, my Redheaded fans. you guys fucking rock my world!!!!!

At your service forever,
- Sammy

Ps. No retirement plans just yet ha ha ha. 

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The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Brett Michaels w/ Mike and I.
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Hanging out w/Capt Morgan in West Palm
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Big ass lizard in Puerto Rico
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Vic "Hell-Cat" Johnson
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Being cool with the Tanom.
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
The Circle in Charoletter at a race track with my new car.
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Not the Laferrari let this be understood
-it's called a Red Rocker Tanom Invader
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Lift off!
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
The Circle Tour, Fast Cars, Drones & more!
Ric Flaire's robe

 3  Redhead Comments

music69's picture

Sammy you rock our world!! We love our redrocker. Bring The Circle to Cleveland. Pleasssse!! Im here in Tahoe all the way from Cleveland just to have an awesome rock n roll weekend!! Looking forward to the TV show. ~Ang

trouble74's picture

Sammy and the Circle rocked the house in Clearwater Fl, like there was no tomorrow! I've been blessed and proud to say that I've seen Sammy in 11 different states including CABO! I have my favorites, House of Blues New Orleans, The Cantina, and Ruth Eckard Hall just topped it! Thank you Sammy for an AWESOME show for an AWESOME Birthday!, Mikey, Vic, John and yourself... till next time! Keep ROCKING! xoxo


Mare's picture

Carolina Rebellion was off the hook! I was about 10 people back from the stage and surrounded by Korn fans, They immediately became Sammy fans...nothing but positive comments from all around me, which makes me proud as a Redhead. I had no doubt you were about to take these people to school for a little music history lesson! The show totally kicked ass that had an extra special oomph! Loved every minute and I was so in my happy place! Thanks Sammy for doing what you love!