Circle Rehearsing For Cabo

October 05, 2015 by sammyhagar
Circle Rehearsing For Cabo

Just finished rehearsing for days for Cabo the birthday bash we have 20 more songs from our extended catalog of material to add to what we already have! Lots of OU812 - we've also written a new song called "Where I'm going. Maybe you don't wanna go".
I love this band. See ya in Cabo. Sammy

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I'm still reeling from concert last night!! It was better than I could imagine.

My First Sammy concert and I loved The circle. I'm a VH/Zeppelin fan and will now download Chicken foot & The Circle, etc. a new fan for life. Love the musicianship and the real ness/intimacy of Cabo venue. I'm grateful my friend won lottery & brought me as guest.

Watching Jason Bonham hammer out those drums with those Zeppelin tunes was the closest I'll ever be to seeing L.D. In concert---" thank You"

Have a great birthday celebration!!! Thanks for being so cool y'all!